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"[Kim Deal] wanted to write songs for [the Pixies], but we already had a songwriter - me, you know? We would try to learn her songs during rehearsals, but it just wasn't working. The rest of the band would just look at each other."
(Frank Black - OC




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 Wednesday, 9/18/02
Our humble beginning..
Dave Noisy (1430 PST)
The domain has been registered, a host set-up, and so far all we have is a message board..

 Monday, 9/23/02
Frank Black does late night
El Barto (1900 PST)
This just in, Frank Black will be doing late night on Friday, September 27th at 1:30AM EST when he appears on Craig Kilborn on CBS. Make sure to check local listings and set that VCR!

 Tuesday, 9/24/02
The message board is hopping!
Dave Noisy (1500 PST)
Check out our Forum, lots of FB talk happening, even Mr Black himself!

 Wednesday, 9/25/02
Happy one-week BDay!
Dave Noisy (1300 PST)

Hey everyone, it's been a week! In that time we've put together a team to work on the website, put the message board up, and had almost 100 people sign up, include Frank himself, and Scott the drummer. (As well as a few other rock celebs!)

 Friday, 10/18/02
Gone Live
Dave Noisy (0014 PST)

Woo! We thought this moment would never happen! Thanks to the leak on the Forum, we figured we should get the site ship-shape and get as much as we can online. That means not much! There's a few tabs ready to go, and the outlines for most of the sections, we're welcome to contributions and suggestions! We hope you enjoy!

 Monday, 10/21/02
New Tabs
Dave Noisy (0020 PST)

Derek has been sending them over, and i've been making them available to the masses - now Teenager of the Year is fully tabbed and online, along with the first Self Titled album and Dog in the Sand. I believe Devil's Workshop will be the next luck album!

There's also a new write-up in the Web Team Bio section.

 Tuesday, 10/22/02
Added Visitations
Dave Noisy (1701 PST)

Several in-store appearances have 'appeared', and now appear on our listing as well. It appears we're up to date.

There's also a show in Philly added for Nov 21st, and shows on Dec 4th and 5th. Happy early xmas Little Rock and Dallas!

Also, let the record show i updated the appearance of the Forum late last night. The riots seem to be at a minimum, so i'm guessing you people like them. =)

 Wednesday, 10/23/02
DW Tabs
Dave Noisy (0009 PST)

Hmm..i seem to do a lot of these updates in the middle of the nite when my speeling is at it's worst..

Anywatchoo...the tabs for Devil's Workshop are now online, get pickin'!

 Monday, 10/28/02
Dave Noisy (2218 PST)

Got the following message today:

- - - - -
Hi Dave,

I'm a producer for the Canadian TV show >play on CBC Newsworld.

Just wanted to invite you to add Frank's appearance on our show this Thursday, October 31st. The show is live at 11:05 PM EST on Newsworld in Canada and Newsworld International in the States. (Available on Direct TV satellite.) Fans can come down to the Movenpick for free to watch. Details on


Amanda Putz
- - - - -

That's pretty sweet.

Also getting some cool fanmail for the site:

- - - - -
From: 'lackflag'

jesus christ, i have been waiting for something like this forever. what took you so long! finally a real frank black page where i can check tour dates and what not. (the spinart page REALLY SUCKS). Anyway, just wanted to let you know. thanks.
- - - - -

Yeah, i know the feeling. I guess their web person ain't as passionate as the folks working on this site. I love those guys. =)

 Sunday, 10/27/02
Dave Noisy (2304 PST)

Is anyone actually paying attention to these news updates? Can my semi-secretive headlines actually get peoples' attention? Is the bread ever kept in the breadbox??

Yes, so thanks to the spectacular Zan (where's your bio?? Don't make me make up shit for you!) we've got bio's on all the Catholics (except FB - go figure!) Lotsa great info there, go read!

 Friday, 11/01/02
Zanni Manitoba
Dave Noisy (1059 PST)

Two updates to the site today:

One is that we now have a bio on our FB Bio Collections Officer Zan!

The other is that we have made our FTP site public, and the first file on it is a new song from Frank called 'Manitoba', recorded from the CBC show '>play'. Check the Forum for more details. I'll set up a page for this some time in the future.

I guess if i do a few more updates i can justify the News Archive - yip! This is really starting to feel like a website!

Hope everyone had a great Hallow'een! Anyone dress up as FB or a Catholic? haha..

 Sunday, 11/03/02
Elf Droppings
Dave Noisy (1352 PST)

Zan the Bio Elf (formerly known as the Bio Collector) has updated Frank's FB.Net Bio.

Also, people should be careful of what they say..i happened across this page while looking on Google to see how many sites mention this one. Pretty funny. =P

(TIP: Search for 'Dave'.)

 Sunday, 11/24/02
News For Once!
Dave Noisy (0002 PST)

Yes. It's been a while. Frank has been busy touring all over the US, lot's of great reviews and photos in the Forum. It's been hella-busy as well! Over 350 members now, and over 6000 messages posted, who'd've thunk??

On the site, we have photos for Zan and myself in the Web Team section.

Also, tab for Black Letter Days and Pistolero are in the Tab section.

A Photo Album will appear when i feel the motivation to create such a section. =)

 Thursday, 12/26/02
Still Not Dead!
Dave Noisy (1300 PST)

Welcome to the newsless news page! Home of the news that's not really happening.

Frank's done touring for a while, and the rumor mill is busy, churning out false-hopes of when and where he'll be next.

A few updates to the site:

* tab page updated with COR and FB&TC albums (thanks again to Derek!)

* Joey Santiago has been added to the Bio section, and Rich, Dave P and Frank's pages has been updated (Zan's doing a great job with these!)

* Bio pages have been added for Derek and Gavin (more creds to Zan!)

And i think that's about it for now..back to our regular casting of the Cone of Silence.

Oh yeah, photo album..still working on that..

Fri 8/Jul/16
BBK Live, Bilbao, ES

Sun 10/Jul/16
Rock-A-Field, Luxembourg, LU

Mon 11/Jul/16
O2 Academy, Brixton, London, UK

Wed 13/Jul/16
Live at the Marquee, Cork, IE

Thu 14/Jul/16
Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, IE

Fri 15/Jul/16
Les Vieilles Charrues, Carhaix, FR

Sun 17/Jul/16
Dour Festival, Dour, BE

Mon 18/Jul/16
Zitadelle, Berlin, DE

Wed 20/Jul/16
Les Nuits De Fourviere, Lyon, FR

Thu 21/Jul/16
Flowers Festival, Torino, IT

Tue 15/Nov/16
Stadthalle, Vienna, AT

Wed 16/Nov/16
Hala Arena, Poznan, PL

Thu 17/Nov/16
Forum Karlin, Prague, CZ

Fri 18/Nov/16
Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, CH

Sun 20/Nov/16
Sant Jordi Club, Barcelona, ES

Mon 21/Nov/16
Coliseu, Porto, PT

Wed 23/Nov/16
Zenith, Paris, FR

Fri 25/Nov/16
Lotto, Antwerp, BE

Sun 27/Nov/16
HMH, Amsterdam, NL

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