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    Black Letter Days
     01  The Black Rider
     02  California Bound
     03  Chip Away Boy
     04  Cold Heart Of Stone
     05  Black Letter Day
     06  Valentine And Garuda
     07  How You Went So Far
     08  End Of Miles
    09  1826
     10  The Farewell Bend
     11  Southbound Bevy
     12  I Will Run After You
     13  True Blue
     14  Jane The Queen Of Love
     15  Jet Black River
     16  21 Reasons
     17  Whispering Weeds
     18  The Black Rider

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Guitar Tab:

I'm going away
I'm going far away
I'm going further than the land that meets the sky

And I won't rest
Until I'm very far
I'll walk for many days and walk through many nights
I leave today

I smell the death
I smell it very near
I'm going away before that death is coming here

I hear a sound
I hear my enemies
I hear them getting louder, louder everyday
My enemies

I'll run and run
And I won't have a home
I don't know when I'll stop my running I don't know

Won’t have a friend
Won’t talk to anyone
Oh will I ever stop my running? I don't know

Oh I don't know
Oh will I ever know?
Will I ever stop my running? I don't know
Oh I don't know

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