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Alec Eiffel

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Guitar Tab:

Pioneer of aerodynamics
(Little Eiffel, Little Eiffel)
They thought he was a real smart Alec
(Little Eiffel, little Eiffel)
He thought big and they called it a phallic
(Little Eiffel, Little Eiffel)
They didn't know he was panoramic

Little Eiffel stands in the archway
(Little Eiffel, Little Eiffel)

Keeping low doesn't make no sense
Sometimes people can be oh so dense

They didn't want it but he built it anyway
(Little Eiffel, Little Eiffel)
Little Eiffel stands in the archway

Keeping low don't make sense
Keeping low doesn't make no-sense!

(Little Eiffel, Little Eiffel)
Little Eiffel stands in the archway
Oh Alexander I see you beneath
The archway of aerodynamics

I thought it was important to speak about Gustave Alexandre Eiffel, as he is considered as the pioneer of aerodynamics. Fascinating subject
- Black Francis Alec Eiffel website

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