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Frank Black - live notes. 1998

After a slow 1997, 1998 saw a return to the road, with Frank and the Catholics touring heavily through the US.

On March 23, Frank had a busy day in France, doing three different radio stops.

In June/July, Pearl Jam asked Frank to open some shows for them. Pearl Jam showed their appreciation by jamming some Pixies tunes during their set a few times on the tour. First they did some of "Monkey Gone To Heaven" at the end of "Daughter" on June 23, 1998 in Denver, then again (at a show without Frank on the bill) on July 5, 1998 in Dallas. Then they played "I've Been Tired" in a similar fashion on July 18, 1998 in Portland. They did "Monkey" again a couple months later, September 6, 1998, Knoxville, Tennessee.

In May, a promising young band called Perfect were to open up some shows for FB&theC's, but had to pull out for some reason. A couple years later, Frank would recruit Perfect guitarist Dave Phillips to join the Catholics.

{songs performed 1998}
(Instead of trying to get setlists for every show, I just took a bunch of setlists from each year/era, and divided the songs up by how often they were played)

regular rotation
(probably played at the majority of Frank's 1998 shows)

(I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
All My Ghosts
Dog Gone
Don't Ya Rile 'Em
The Holiday Song (Pixies)
I Gotta Move
I Need Peace
Kicked In The Taco
King & Queen of Siam
The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
Los Angeles
Man Of Steel
Six-Sixty-Six (Larry Norman)
So. Bay
Solid Gold
Speedy Marie
Steak 'N' Sabre
Ten Percenter
Two Reelers
Wave of Mutilation [UK Surf] (Pixies)
Whatever Happened To Pong?
You're Such A Wire

occasional rotation
(played once in a while / somewhat often in 1998)

Adda Lee
Back To Rome
Big Red
Freedom Rock
Humbolt County Massacre
I Switched You
Jesus Was Right
The Man Who Was Too Loud
Sister Isabelle (Del Shannon)
So Hard To Make Things Out
Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
The Vanishing Spies
Two Spaces
You Ain't Me

rare occasions
(played very rarely; probably not more than a few times in 1998)

(Some known performance dates are in {brackets})

Billy Radcliffe {August 1998 HOB internet}
The Creature Crawling {February 25, 1998}
Do Nothing (The Specials) {May 5, 1998; May 11, 1998}
Do You Feel Bad About It?
Handyman (Otis Blackwell) {May 5, 1998}
I Love Your Brain {October 5, 1998}
I Want Rock n' Roll {October 10, 1998}
Living On Soul {May 5, 1998}
Man of Steel {October 10, 1998}
Nimrod's Son (Pixies) {May 9, 1998}
Pray A Little Faster
Skeleton Man {November 6, 1998}
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day (Doug Sahm) {June 10, 1998 Radio Nova}
Valley of Our Hope {May 19, 1998}
Western Star {September 30, 1998??}
You're Such a Wire {October 10, 1998}


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