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"I am a guitar player. I am not a dancing bear....I am a singer...I am a guy loading a trailer... I am a cabaret singer. I am not a dancing bear... Sometimes people think that I am rude when I don't switch into that dancing bear routine. I am not complaining. I adore playing music to the people that support my art. But I am not a fucking dancing bear... I may look like a dancing bear! Sure. I admit it."
(Frank Black - Frank




When you understand the people, you will understand their music. So with this in mind, we've done our best to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about Frank Black and those who have collaborated with him, perhaps shaping him and his music the way that any collaborator inadvertently does.

Frank Black

The Catholics:

Scott Boutier - drums
Rich Gilbert - guitar
David McCaffrey - bass
Dave Philips - guitar

The Pixies:

Joseph Alberto Santiago
Kim Deal (coming soon)
Dave Lovering (coming soon)

Other collaborators:

Eric Drew Feldman
Nick Vincent (coming soon)

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