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Frank Black - live notes. 1999

The wheels just kept on rolling in 1999, with Frank and the Catholics touring a lot, including some international dates in April and May.

In January, Frank stopped for an interview with Space Ghost (or at least a guy pretending to be Space Ghosts) for Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast cartoon pseudo talk show. The footage hasn't been used in an episode yet, but the show is still in production, although somewhat erratically. I hear they have a large bottleneck of unused interviews, so chances aren't good for Frank to ever appear on the show. But who knows.

Frank cooled out the latter part of the year, writing songs for the next record. In December, Frank played at a benefit for the Sweet Relief Fund. And a few days later he played a strange show co-headlining with Roy Zimmerman at McCabe's Guitar Shop. Frank and Roy took turns playing songs, and for the last song, each played one of their respective songs at the same time!

{songs performed 1999}
(Instead of trying to get setlists for every show, I just took a bunch of setlists from each year/era, and divided the songs up by how often they were played)

regular rotation
(probably played at the majority of Frank's 1999 shows)

(I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
All My Ghosts
Bad Harmony
Dog Gone
Don't Ya Rile 'Em
The Holiday Song
I Gotta Move
I Love Your Brain
I Need Peace
I Switched You
Kicked In The Taco
The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
Los Angeles
Man of Steel
Sister Isabelle
So Hard To Make Things Out
So. Bay
Speedy Marie
Steak N Sabre
Ten Percenter
Wave of Mutilation [UK Surf]
Western Star
You're Such A Wire

occasional rotation
(played once in a while / somewhat often)

Back To Rome
Billy Radcliffe
Do You Feel Bad About It?
King & Queen of Siam
Skeleton Man
Smoke Up
Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
Two Reelers
Whatever Happened to Pong?

rare occasions
(played very rarely; probably not more than a few times in 1999)

(Some known performance dates are in {brackets}. "??" = unconfirmed; please e-mail me if you know for sure these songs were played in 1999.. or any other songs not listed on this page. )

85 Weeks {July 18, 1999??}
Humboldt County Massacre {July 11, 1999}
I Want Rock 'N' Roll {April 27, 1999}
I'll Be Blue {July 11, 1999; December 12, 1999}
The Man Who Was Too Loud {July 11, 1999}
Living On Soul {July 11, 1999; December 12, 1999}
Nimrod's Son {July 24, 1999??}
This Is Where I Belong {June 20, 1999}


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