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Frank Black - live notes. 2000

The band did some more touring in early 2000, took a break in late March / early April to record Dog In The Sand, then hit the road again. In late June, Frank's wife fell seriously ill so the remainder of the tour was cancelled so he could be with her. Fortunately she was back to health before long. In November, Frank did a handful of solo acoustic gigs in Europe, then returned to play a few shows in California though December, with Dave Phillips accompanying him on lead guitar. At the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles on December 1, Joey Santiago joined Frank for some songs.

{songs performed 2000}
(Instead of trying to get setlists for every show, I just took a bunch of setlists from each year/era, and divided the songs up by how often they were played)

regular rotation
(probably played at the majority of Frank's 2000 shows)

21 Reasons
(I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
All My Ghosts
Dog In The Sand
I Gotta Move
I Switched You
If It Takes All Night
I'll Be Blue
I've Seen Your Picture
Llano del Rio
Los Angeles
Sir Rockaby
Sister Isabelle
Skeleton Man
Steak 'N' Sabre
Stupid Me
The Swimmer
Western Star
You're Such a Wire

occasional rotation
(played once in a while / somewhat often)

Bad Harmony
Do You Feel Bad About It?
Dog Gone
Don't Ya Rile 'Em
Gouge Away
Humboldt County Massacre
I Love Your Brain
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Mr. Grieves
Nimrod's Son
Robert Onion
So. Bay
Speedy Marie
Where Is My Mind?

rare occasions
(played very rarely; probably not more than a few times in 2000)

(Some known performance dates are in {brackets})

Dancing The Manta Ray {November 16, 2000}
Jumping Bean {November 2, 2000}
Smoke Up {March 4, 2000}
So Hard To Make Things Out {November 16, 2000}


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