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Song: Allison
Album: Bossanova
Tabbed by: Derek


      C       Em      F         C 
 From distant star to this here bar
     C       Em         F      C
 The me, the you, where are we now?
     C      Em       F    C
 Hooray the blues of everyone

 G    F

 C  D#  B*

 C       Em     F       C
 Keeps a smile around a while
    C       Em         F     C
 He took no fright and jettisoned
       C    Em       F        C
 We'll go tonight to hear him tell

  G  F
 "Oh well"
  G# Bb C  Em    F C  
  Allison     Allison

SOLO: C  Em  F (3x)
     G#5  F5  C

[VERSE 3] - bass only
And when the planet hit the sun
I saw the face of Allison

 G   F
 C  Em A
 G   F
 G# Bb C
  C   Em   F  G#5  F5

(G#5 and F5 palm mute)

*I'm pretty sure he hits this B chord once before going into the
 second verse


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