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Song: Crackity Jones
Album: Doolittle
tabbed by: Derek 

A         G#
 Jose Jones  
C#                  A  G#
 Told me alone, his story
C#                   A         G#
 He got friends like paco picopiedra
 La muneca

E*    G#*           A               *not sure if the guitar actually plays
 He receives on his set              these chords but the bass does
 Crack crack crackity Jones
 Crack crack---
 Crack crack crackity Jones
 Crack crack crackity jones
G#    C#
 Oh oh, crack crack crackity jones

[VERSE] - (fast changes) - whammie bar on C#m
A C#m             G#
  Please forgive me
 D       Am
 Jose jones
     C#m           G#
 You need these walls
 For your own
Am   C#m            G#        D
 I'm moving out of this hopedaje
B                  E          G#
 I'm afraid you'll cut me boy

 [BRIDGE] - bass just plays A-G#-C#

  Only guitar part on D string (fast, double picking)

G--------------------------------------------  (keep pointer finger on 6th 
D--9-9--6-6--9-9--6-6--7-7--6-6--7-7--6-6----   fret entire time while you use  
A--------------------------------------------   your other fingers to play the  
E--------------------------------------------   7th and 9th fret notes)

Thirty miles by
hundred miles by
stinking island
por goofiar
en crushing automovil
chasing voices 

E       G#          A    (reapeat A-G#-C# til end)
 He receives in his head 
crack crack crackity jones

end: C#  E  G#  C#

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