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Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: Humboldt County Massacre
From: All My Ghosts single
Tabbed by: Derek (ProverbialCereal)
Thanks to: Denis (vilainde) for supplying the lyrics and
	   to Frank Black (yep) for making some corrections on them.

The song is about an Indian tribe decimated in the XIXth century, 
you can get info at: Search Google, the link here before is dead!

A  F#  E (use whammie bar on E)
A  F#

C#        B                  E 
The Wiyot threw their shells away
C#         B             E
Until that pile became a mound
C#         B                 E  
And that became their hollow ground
      F#               G#            C#  B  E
On an island in what became Humboldt Bay
C#         B                   E
Then there came some prominent men
C#       B               E
From New England and Maritimes
C#            B           E
They sold the island to a German
         F#            G#                  C# B
But even Robert Gunter found it was a crime

A                              F#
Robert Gunther found the Wiyot dead
      E             A
Yeah, axes cut them to the bones
A                                 F#
They didn't know the county paper said
     E                   A              B           C#
That splitting skulls in Humboldt was a rite de passage

B E F# 

The people sided with the axemen toughs
The criticizers they were all run off
They called Eureka Murderville
For the children, women, old men that were killed

And in the sky above that town
A cloud of steam makes it seem darker
They didn't even put a marker
Near the papermill and shanty oh so brown

Robert Gunter found the Wiyot dead
Yeah, axes cut them to the bones
They didn't know the county paper said
That splitting skulls in Humboldt was a rite de passage
That crossing the bar was a rite de passage*

   E            A            B   C#

here are the lead octaves that Richy G. plays for the verses

D----------------------[<<-3 times]---------------------------------
s = slide

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