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= Frank Black Tab =
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Download the song directly here (TXT file) :

Frank Black and the catholics
Song: Heloise
Album: Devil's Workshop
Tabbed by: Derek (ProverbialCereal)

CAPO on 2nd FRET

The 0's are held down by capo. 


        F+       E7       G             F+       E7

   D    A         Bm    E7             G     E7

   Bm  E   G   F#7

[VERSE] - played like intro: 
F+  E7                    G
     She's been crying so long
F+  E7                      D   A
     I hear her starting to pray
Bm               E7
 Every once in a while I want you 
G                E7
 Every once in a while
Bm           E              G                 F#7
 Hear me oh, God I'm still down at the convent


 B                        D                  A      G
  They sent you far away      They took your only  boy
 B                        D                 A        G     
  You will get used to me        Welcome to your new joy

  Down here serving the priest


  D    G      A   Bm          D    G   Bm   G
    He - lo - ise      [2x]     He -  lo - ise 

[SOLO] - intro chords


   Chorus x2

   Chorus x1 (over BGVs)

   Intro chords x2

ending chord

How tabbing capo songs works:

basically, for this song, it's just as if someone sawed off the 
first and second frets of your guitar, and you have to pretend 
the capo is now the headstock. I know it can be confusing at first, 
but once you know the chords in their altered positions you'll 
be fine. I hope.

Now, if you don't think Frank uses a capo, or if you just don't 
want to, or if you want to use a capo but play the technical
chord names, use the chords below and adjust the intro accordingly:

[intro/verse]: G+  F#7   G+   F#7
               E   B,   C#m   F#7   A   F#7
               C#m   F#    A   G#7

[bridge]: C#  E  B  A

[chorus]: E  A  B  C#m

(Email me if you've seen Frank play this live and if he uses a capo)


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