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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: His Kingly Cave
Album: Devil's Workshop 
© 2002 Frank Black, (p) 2002 spinART records
Tabbed by: Jeff Noel 10/6/02 

(correction made 21 April 2003 on Dsus4/F. Thanks hobobumsteak)

Chord Shapes:

Dsus4 Dsus4/F Dsus4/E  Eb    F     Bb   Dm   Fsus2   F#    F#7    F+
----  -----   -----   ----  -1--  -6--  ---- --1--  --2-  --2--  -1--
-8--  --8--   --8--   --8-  -1--  -6--  --6- --1--  --2-  --2--  -2--
-7--  --7--   --7--   --8-  -2--  -7--  --7- --0--  --3-  --3--  -2--
-7--  --7--   --7--   --8-  -3--  -8--  --7- --3--  --4-  --2--  -3--
-5--  --8--   --7--   --6-  -3--  -8--  --5- -----  ----  -----  ---- 
----  -----   -----   ----  -1--  -6--  ---- -----  ----  -----  ----
(Note: the ďFĒ in the Chorus is the Eb shape up two frets)

Intro/Verse Chords:

Dsus4  | Dsus4/F  | Dsus4/E  | Eb  | F |  Bb  | 

Dm | Eb | Fsus2 | F |F#  | F#7 | F+ | F  (!note 13 bar phrase length!) 

                    Dsus4   Dsus4/F              Dsus4/E
He wants an altered state     Inside the mansion walls   

Eb                    F                             Bb    Dm
She says sheíd rather wait    Yeah, for evening to fall

                       Eb  Fsus2 F                 F#        F#7 
But still the cap they ate  And with a drink they chased the ghost 

      F+     F 
that called

                 Dsus4   Dsus4/F             Dsus4/E
They went to celebrate    They went to have a ball

Eb                       F                             Bb    Dm
Everyone gathered at the gates   But it wasnít good at all

                    Eb    Fsus2 F                 F#      
The sky was turning grey   They laughed a their mistake
         F#7           F+    F 
As their skin began to crawl

              Eb    F       Bb        Dm  
Hey, but itís too late for to go back now

 Eb                F             Bb        Dm
   They closed the gates and the scene was set

   Eb       F      Bb     Eb
    Enter into His Kingly Cave

Donít worry the leopards wonít bite you

F                    F+
Wipe that big tear away

            Eb    F           Bb        Dm  
See they got jumpsuits on the headless cast

  Eb          F             Bb        Dm
     Polished jewels under two inch glass

   Eb       F                Bb      Eb
And bullet holes in Vernonís room out back

Donít worry the posse wonít shoot you

F                F+
No more crying today

Verse two:
Heís tripping over graves
As the rain begins to fall
And finally they escape
When the shuttle bus is called
The mourners now abate
As one begins to say
I scream I scream for all


 verse chords


end on Dsus4

Tabbed by Jeff Noel (   Corrections welcome


here are some alternate ways to play some of the chords. Same notes 
just different frets. Play whichever way works best for you -Derek

    F+   Dsus4   Dsus4/F   Dsus4/E

(props to jeff for figurin' out these weird dissonant chords. I think 
this song is pretty eerie.)

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