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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Adda Lee
Album: Frank Black
Tabbed by: Derek (

A  E  A  C#  (3x)

C#m  Bm  F#  F#m*
C#m  Bm*       

F#  A  E  F#  

C#m         Bm  F#        F#m
  I`m a wishbone, And I`m breaking 
C#m         Bm       F# A   E  F#
  Yeah, I`m wishing  for  Adda Lee  
C#m            Bm   F#             F#m
  And the lake sings, And the dogs don`t  
C#m        Bm     F#  A  E  F#
  They are quiet  for  Adda Lee  
A  E F#
Adda Lee, 

E          B
 I`m sorry and I miss you  
A5**     E5
 And away, I went away 
        F#5                  B5
Cause I wished I was away, I wished I was away

A5             E5
 A wishing well, of well wishing
    F#5              B5
And Adda waves away, Adda waves away 

A       E
 Heroine of the stars 
I don`t know where I am 
But I know who you are 

A    E    A  C#
Adda Lee     Whaaaa-oh
A    E    A  C#
Adda Lee 
 And she whispered 
F                  A    E >> F# >> E ***
 And she left me a man 
C#         F >> G >> F 
 For the world 

F G F G   A       D    A  D         A  D
          Oh Adda Lee, Oh Adda Lee, Oh Adda Lee
end: Bm >> C#m  F#  D  A

*this doesn’t sound like a guitar, but these chords can be played 
along with it. (Mute the downstroke and play only the upstrokes)

**the fifth chords are just the top two strings of that chord. 
 As you see below. Play these chords “palm mute”

   A5   E5   F#5  B5

*** >> means slide. But I think Frank might actually use a whammie bar

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