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Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: Coastline
Album: Show Me Your Tears
Interpreted by: Panoply, tabbed out by: Dave Noisy

[Intro] [A] [E] [A] [E] [Bm] [D] [Bm] [D] [A] [E]

Well there's a [A]perfect [E]explanation
for the [Bm]shit that I've been [D]in
as [Bm]soon as I found [D]out I'll you [A]know [E]

And if it's [A]any consol[E]ation
well your [Bm]horse is going to [D]win
[Bm]mine and all the [D]others are just [E]too slow


     There's a [A]Coastline[E]
     I'd like to [F#m]go back[B]
     and if you [D]don't mind[E]
     I'm gonna [F#m]turn 'round in my [D]tracks

     It's good to [A]be back [E]
     down on the [F#m]coastline [B]
     we lost [D]contact [E]
     and I [F#m]hope that you don't [D]mind

     [Dm]I was trying to [E]save us both some [A]time.

          [Bridge] E Bm D Bm D A E A E Bm D Bm D E

     [Repeat Chorus]


     [Dm]*I was trying to (E) save us both some [A]time.


Just fiddle around with the picking in the intro and you'll
get it to sound good. Use these chord formations:

A   x02220

E   022100

Bm  x24432

D   xx0232

*Let the Dm ring out in the end part... the E is implied
but not actually played. 

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