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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: When Will Happiness Find Me Again?
Album: Show Me Your Tears
Tabbed by: panoply,  Correction: crippe, 
2nd half + F9 correction + capo crap by: proverbialcereal



[Part 1]

    F           Bb          F
The country was nothing but trees

     F            Bb      F
So I went to the city one day

Down at the night club

  Bb          F
I met my true love

       F           Bb          F   F9*  F
I just happened to pass by her way

[Inter] = [Intro]

[Part 2]

                   Bb           F
The fountains they sounded like rain

                  Bb            F
And the pigeons around us were cooing

I believed in the fates

  Bb                F
I thought they were great

          Dm                         Bb
Till that girl left my poor heart in ruins

          F         Bb         F    F9  F
When will happiness find me again?


 Part 1 chords

[Part 3]

(F)  (Bb)          (F)
 She picked up the phone

(F)  (Bb)           (F)
 The bombs were deployed

F    A7          Bb      Dm  Cm
 The people they groaned

 The world was destroyed

          F             Bb        F
 Should I stay here and stumble around

    F            Bb         F
 Or head for the woods far away?
         F           A7        Bb           Dm
 I can't make up my mind, I'm drunk all the time

           F         Bb        F
 When will happiness find me again?

         F             A7
 Now I'm drunk all the time

     Bb        F
 The sun never shines

Dm                      Bb
 Clouds hang low on the ruins

            F        Bb        F   F9  F
 When will happiness find me again?


 F  A7  Bb  F

 F  Bb  F   F9   F



I think one (or maybe 2) guitars might use a capo on the 
1st fret. It's easier to play the F9 chord that way. If you
prefer using a capo, use the chords below:

ZEROES held down by capo

   F    Bb    A7    F9    Dm     Cm     < technical chord names
   E    A     G#7   E9    C#m    Bm     < formations you use

why switching from F to F9 chord is easier with capo:

--0---2--- << held down by ring on F9
--0---3--- << held down by pinky on F9
--1---1--- << held down by middle finger for both chords
--2---2--- << held down by pointer for both chords
  F   F9

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