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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Punk Rock City
Album: The Cult of Ray
Tabbed by: Jim (El Barto)

D#                          Bb*                G# Bb
Now Yin and Yang they got together at the bank
D#                          Bb                 G# Bb
They had a youngin and they grew him in a tank
D#                        Bb                  
They got to work and they put him on a train
        G#                                 Bb                       B                       
And you know they got together and they're doin it again (oh, baby)

  Bb           D#
Punk Rock City
G#            Bb             D#
(going up to) Punk Rock City
G#            Bb             D#
(going up to) Punk Rock City

And when this shit got started it was never gonna stop
Designer genes for all the punks to live on top
Got to get to work
Got to get them on a train
If you're never going to die then you're never going to come back here again


D# E D F# (G G#)

We're brother sister and we are doing fine
Spend out whole life working in the mine
We get the train and we get ourselves to work
Trhen we have a little party then we have a little party, baby

(add another "going up to Punk Rock City" then "never die in Punk Rock City", 
then a "Punk Rock City" and end with D#)

*Bb (do one of these things): 

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