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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: The Cult of Ray
Album: The Cult of Ray
Tabbed by: Jason

B Bsus4 B A G F#* (4X)

B   Bsus4    B      A    G  F#*
What is there to say?
B   Bsus4    B        A      G   F#*
Still I can't be silent
B  Bsus4   B        A    G  F#*
Hear the cult of Ray
G               E         F#
And you'll be enlightened
                  B   A  G
People they're no fun
D       G       F#        A             E*  C#
I heard Raymond speak one time, he said hello
D         G        F#  A     E*           C#       A
And as he opened up my mind, so fried and battered
D           G        F#   A       E*    C#        A        F#*      G      A
I heard his words so very fine so high above this constant dripping chatter

D                    A#     A#sus4 A#
Young sharks feeding on the scrapple
   E*                C      Csus4 C
And upstarts on your Adam's apple
   D                         A#
And you can' hear yourself in all this babble
   C                     E*
And are you feeling role strain?

D       A#        C
Melting rock into metal
D       A#        C
Melting rock into metal
D       A#        C     F*    E*
Melting rock into metal again?

Guitar solo over pre-chorus into chorus

D  F#*   C          G#
    In a dark place 
       F#       E*
In the deep sky
      D       A
Is an old man
     B          G
In a coffee can
         B       G
And he's waiting
       B        C
In the old rain
       B        C 
In the deep sky
         B       C \
And he's waiting   /Repeat this several times, gradually increasing speed

The rest of the song is exactly the same as the first half, without the
guitar solo and the repeated chorus, only with the following lyrics:
Hear the cult of Ray
Fear the boy as tyrant
People have a way
When their mood is violent
People they're fun
I have a century in mind, wait, oh no
At least two centuries in mind, say it doesn't matter
This rock is turning into sand while we are drowning here in our own shatter
You can't eat dirt cause it tastes so awful
Like no sugar in your Turkish coffee
And I can't smile cause I got me a mouthful
And I've been grinding this grain
Melting rock into metal
Melting rock into metal
Melting rock into metal again
In a dark place 
In the deep water
Is an old man
In a coffee can
And he's waiting
In the old rain

 Lyle's Intro & a Riff (riff @ :30) (tabbed by derek)


  F#* E*  F*

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