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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Space is Gonna Do Me Good
Album: Teenager of the Year
Tabbed by: Russ H.

G F Eb  G F Eb slide to E#, then back,  G F Eb

Eb             C    G
The islands of Phoenix
Eb               C    G#
 In two-thousand six-teen
Eb            Bb            F   G#
Are making it up with hardihood
Eb                  C   G              
I'm done with adult matters
Eb             C   G# 
I'm doin' the catapult
Eb                   Bb               F    G#    
I've been meaning to get out of Hollywood.

G                 F   Eb
Space is gonna do me good
  G  F Eb E# Eb
G                 F   Eb  
Space is gonna do me good
G#                    Bb               
It's not you I don't like
	  Eb  C#      C    	
No, the boy is the same
G#              Bb
I'm takin' the turnpike
           F     G    G#     G#m   
There's no point into blame, oh yeah


Chords: Play chords used for first two lines of verse, then
play Eb Bb F G#

Repeat CHORUS 

Second VERSE (same chords as first)
The words of the man Ray 
If you wanna stay tan
Better to do it with a toy or a game
Oh yeah  

If anyone wants the solo tabbed out e-mail me. It's pretty
easy. I think he tunes down his low E to a Eb

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