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"Yes, I've been scolded for talking at a rock gig before. And it was a fucking loud rock band. I was talking into the ear of the person I was with, and the [other] person was like, 'You're talking kind of loud!' What, did they have dog ears or something? Fuck. I was whispering into my friend's ear!"
(Frank Black - Chart Attack)




Tre Greer - Discopedia Admin, Forum Pistolera

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Tre, felon at large, in a police sketch.

Tre lives in London and if she is completely honest spends 90% of her time drinking coffee (black, no sugar), chain smoking, and uttering profanities that would make your mother blush. She is a certified master of science and a fan of genetic modification (involving glow in the dark rabbits or other interesting freaks of nature). She is frequently disgusted by the made up science words in bio-yoghurt and shampoo adverts. All this and more she brings to FrankBlack.Net's Discopedia and to the forum.

Expert in the field of Zombie she has seen Dawn of The Dead over twenty times and truly believes zombies will never evolve to the spoon using level. If zombies did evolve to the spoon using level though she is pretty sure she could still take them.

In her spare time she wanders to and fro charity book shops purchasing whatever takes her eye for less than 1. Tre also attempts to write her own short stories, a selection of which can be found on her website

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