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"Music does not drag me down. Music lifts me up."
(Frank Black - Jonathan




FrankBlack.Net Podcast Episode Guide
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Below is the complete list of every podcast in season 1. In addition to a description and tracklist, it is also possible to download the podcasts directly (i.e. without a podcast client) but not recommended. Simply right-click and save the MP3 (please don't stream if possible- it eats our bandwidth).

Episode #19 - No Introduction Necessary
Nov 15, 2006
Our last interview for a long while, we have none other than Rich Gilbert aboard who was an absolute pleasure to chat with and just listen to. In addition, check out the Living On Soul demo, the very last Catholics song on record, and all the usual treats. So grab your historical moment pens and start writing.

The Double Door, 2003 - I Want Rock and Roll
One More Road for the Hit - Preacher's Daughter
Come on Pilgrum - I've Been Tired
Fastman Raiderman - Elijah
Pistolero B-sides - Living on Soul
Rich Gilbert Interview
Rich Gilbert - 400 Miles To Go
Shepherd's Bush, 2003 - Freedom Rock

Episode #18 - Dressing as Frank Black
Oct 31, 2006
At Halloween, it's customary to dress as someone else. Or something else. Cue the zombies. This podcast, we listen as others put on their Frank Black costumes and take a crack at their favourite Frank Black songs. The covers range from frighteningly true to dearly departed, so you will definitely want to sleep with one ear open tonight. Muahahahaha!

Clootie - The Holiday Song (Punk)
Disintegrated Einstein - Czar
Nam June Robot - I Could Stay Here Forever
Mike DiSanto - Silver
Frank Black Interview
Mono Puff - Oddball
Neil Citter - How You Went So Far
Perfume and Cigarettes - Levitate Me

Episode #17 - Back to Black to Back
Oct 15, 2006
You wanted it, you've got it - we've brought back some of the old features that we'd neglected for a while. Starting off right away with a special version of the Black to Back, where we trace the development of another Frank Black song: I Will Run After You, from an exclusive demo to the Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day version to the final Black Letter Days release. Plus, the second part of our Eric Drew Feldman interview, a song from Knife and Fork's Miserycord, and another FB.Net Salon Selection from The Hatchetmen.

Acoustic Demo - I Will Run After You
Trompe Le Monde - Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
The Bug Jar, 2001 - Everytime I Go Around Here
Eric Drew Feldman Interview
Knife and Fork - Winter
Trompe Le Monde - Space (I Believe In)
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - I Will Run After You
The Hatchetmen - Admirals Walk
Fastman Raiderman - In the Time of My Ruin
The Barfly, 2000 - I Gotta' Move
Black Letter Days - I Will Run After You

Episode #16 - Short and Sweet Sixteen
Oct 1, 2006
The length of Frank Black songs varies as much as the style of the songs themselves. For our sixteenth podcast, we've gone through his catalogue and picked eight songs (from many) that are two minutes or less. Which, incidentally, gives us about sixteen minutes of music. Short. Add to that one of our favourite interview clips with Frank Black on lyrical games and anecdotes from Teenager of the Year, an exciting contest for a chance to meet Frank Black in Saskatoon this fall, and of course some great tunes. Sweet. But don't take our word for it, check it out!

Teenager of the Year - Thalassocracy
Teenager of the Year - Whatever Happened to Pong
One More Road for the Hit - Don't Clip Your Wings
Pixies Complete B-Sides - Weird at My School
Come On Pilgrim - Isla De Encanta
Bossanova - Hang Wire
Frank Black Interview
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - Angst
Show Me Your Tears - The Snake

Episode #15 - Finding Feldman
Sep 15, 2006
Brian Salvatore, Dean Katsiris, and (for some reason) Janeane Garofolo star in Podcast 15, Finding Feldman. Eric Drew Feldman chats with us about the new record, the upcoming tour, and the his early days with Frank Black. As well, we have an exclusive preview of a track - still in progress - slated for the next Knife and Fork record. Plus a whole bunch of other Frank Black tracks with emphasis on his collaboration with EDF.

Frank Black (orange album) - Places Named After Numbers
Black Letter Days - Chip Away Boy
Pistolero - 85 Weeks
EDF (Eric Drew Feldman) Interview
Knife and Fork - Nicotine
Slims San Francisco, 2003 - I'll Be Blue
Teenager of the Year - Sir Rockaby
Hello Recording Club EP - Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
Fastman Raiderman - The End of the Summer

Episode #14 - I Love Franky
Sep 1, 2006
Rife with commercial innuendo and armed with a fake podcasting business, Dean and Brian nevertheless manage to compile some of our favourite tracks from the Summer of 2006 acoustic solo tour into one happy 45 mins. Featuring recordings from San Francisco, New York, and Philly, you get to hear tracks performed solo and while opening for the Foo Fighters. And if that's not enough, Frank Black makes another appearance to talk about podcasts, technology, and a radio show he'd like to have.

Cafe du Nord, San Francisco (03.14.06) - The Marsist
Cafe du Nord, San Francisco (03.14.06) - Fitzgerald
Southpaw, New York (08.19.06) - Wave of Mutilation
Southpaw, New York (08.19.06) - My Life Is In Storage
Southpaw, New York (08.19.06) - Adda Lee
Frank Black Interview
Tower Theatre, Philadelphia (08.16.06) - Western Star
Tower Theatre, Philadelphia (08.16.06) - I Burn Today
Tower Theatre, Philadelphia (08.16.06) - Dead Man's Curve

Episode #13 - Baby
Aug 15, 2006
How much can we milk the fact that this is our thirteenth episode? A lot more than you feared. This week we have Ben Sisario, author of the 33 1/3 series book Doolittle, offering more insight in a ten minute interview than either Brian or Dean have in ten podcasts. As well, we have a cover of Debaser you're going to love, our choices for most Pixies-like Frank Black tracks, another selection from the FrankBlack.Net salon and more. So walk under a ladder, kick a black cat (not too hard), and grab episode 13. Baby.

Doolittle - No. 13 Baby
One More Road for the Hit - A Dab'll Do Ya
Headache EP - Amnesia
Mother Universe - Debaser
Ben Sisario Interview
Catholics Demo - Dog in the Sand
Evil Tordevil - Leaning Against The Wall
Devil's Workshop - San Antonio, Tx

Episode #12 - Live of Brian
Aug 1, 2006
Brian returns from the dead and to celebrate, we play an entire live show for you. It all centers around a chat with Frank Black where he talks about what's to come in his upcoming tour starting this month opening for both Pearl Jam and Tom Petty as well as some solo shows. Also, we feature the long promised Nadine alternate version, reveal the contest winners and answers from Podcast 10, and of course some great music.

Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC (12.18.04 late) - Caribou
Shepherd's Bush, London (12.01.03) - Hermaphroditos
Catholics Demo - Nadine
Frank Black Interview
KB Malmo, Sweden (03.01.01) - I've Seen Your Picture
Reading Festival (08.26.94) - Ten Percenter
Reading Festival (08.26.94) - Two Reelers
Palo Alto, California (03.03.95) - At the End of the World
Lowlands Radio Performance (08.24.01) - John the Revelator
Prairieland, Saskatoon (04.17.04) - Into the White

Episode #11 - Reid Paley
Jul 15, 2006
We're back to our regularly scheduled programming, which means no more sprawling hour-and-ten podcasts... for now. This week, we're joined by Reid Paley on the podcast as he talks about his involvement with Frank Black and his own music. We've given the bulk of this podcast a Reid Paley theme, choosing songs that have some connection to him, including Frank Black's cover of Take What You Want, the first track we've gotten the rights to play from recently released b-side disc Snake Oil. Plus, if you've never heard any of Reid's own music, this is your chance to check it out; we'll be playing the Anesthetist's Song from the Eric Drew Feldman produced Revival. So come on by, we'd love to have you.

Snake Oil - Take What You Want (by Reid Paley)
Fastman Raiderman - Golden Shore
Fastman Raiderman - I'm Not Dead (I'm in Pittsburgh)
Pixies at the BBC - Subbacultcha
Catholics Demo - Nadine
Reid Paley Interview
Reid Paley - Revival - Anesthetist's Song
KEXP Seattle - Are You Headed My Way (acoustic)
KEXP Seattle - Mr. Grieves (acoustic)

Episode #10 - Podcast Penthouse Party
Jul 1, 2006
If Episode 9 was Frank Black's best-of, then our tenth episode is definitely ours. This podcast was recorded live at the Podcast 10 Party and is almost as much fun as being at the party yourself. Even the man, Frank Black himself, showed up for a chat! Trust us when we say that this is a podcast you won't want to miss and that we will not be duplicating any time soon - it took a week's worth of full-time work to bring this together. As always, some excellent tracks from an excellent artist, we play a few of your requests, announce our Oddballs winner, and offer up a brand new trivia contest. Just as a start.

Cult of Ray - Adventure and the Resolution
Fastman Raiderman - Johnny Barleycorn
Frank Black and the Catholics - The Man Who Was Too Loud
Pixies B-side - Velvety (instrumental)
Devil's Workshop - Velvety
Teenager of the Year - Calistan
Frank Black Interview
Instrumental Demo (FB and Cs)- Selkie Bride
Fastman Raiderman - My Terrible Ways
Cult of Ray - Kicked in the Taco
Show Me Your Tears - Manitoba

Episode #9 - Best of the Best
Jun 15, 2006
This week, the definitive Frank Black Best-Of, with thirteen songs chosen by you, the Frank Black fans, as the best music to introduce new listeners to Frank Black. This is also our longest podcast ever, just under the wire for burning onto a recordable CD to give to your friends. Finally, we have an exclusive commercial of Fastman Raiderman featuring many songs from there and a never-before-released demo of Coastline. So please, share with new people and enjoy.

Frank Black - Los Angeles
Electric Ladyland Studios - Parry the Wind
Teenager of the Year - Speedy Marie
Teenager of the Year - Headache
Teenager of the Year - Superabound
Fastman Raiderman Commercial
Frank Black and the Catholics - All My Ghosts
Pistolero - Western Star
Dog in the Sand - St. Francis Dam Disaster
Dog in the Sand - Bullet
Black Letter Days - California Bound
Devil's Workshop - San Antonio, Tx
Acoustic Demo - Coastline
Honeycomb - Honeycomb

Episode #8 - Evolution of a Classic
Jun 1, 2006
Nearing episode 10, we're stepping things up a bit starting with this episode. Arguably our most diverse podcast to date, with two exclusive tracks, a new feature (the evolution of Jane the Queen of Love from demo to album), two live tracks from some terrific live shows, three b-sides, a cover of Brackish Boy with the full band, and one of the best songs (Pixies or otherwise) every written. All packed into nine tracks and forty-seven minutes. Be sure to share podcast 9, coming soon, with your friends. It is sure to serve as a great primer to Frank Black.

Acoustic Demo - Jane the Queen of Love
Oddballs - Baby That's Art
Trompe Le Monde - Motorway to Roswell
CAK - Brackish Boy
Catholics Demo - Jane the Queen of Love
The John Peel Sessions (with Teenage Fanclub) - Dance the Jacques Tati
Shepherd's Bush, London (2003) - Whiskey in Your Shoes
La Laiterie, Strasbourg (2001) - Dancing the Manta Ray
Black Letter Days - Jane the Queen of Love

Episode #7 - Listen Twice for Good Luck
May 15, 2006
Lucky number seven, and hopefully you will feel that way when you've finished this podcast. Featuring another Salon selection from Doog, the more rare organ-filled His Kingly Cave, a little bit of Pixies, one of only two recordings of Tossed with vocals, and capping the podcast with what may well be the best closer ever written - Pie in the Sky.

May 29 1993 - Tossed (Live)
Trompe Le Monde - The Sad Punk
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - His Kingly Cave
Doog - The Lazy W
FrankBlackFrancis - Is She Weird
Black Letter Days - End of Miles
Teenager of the Year - Pie in the Sky

Episode #6 - Quick and Painless
May 1, 2006
The FrankBlack.Net Survivor winner for Show Me Your Tears opens the podcast, two tracks from a rare acoustic Pixies set in Newport, a love song to the Ramones, the first ever alternate recording of St. Francis Dam Disaster (a demo for Dog in the Sand), and finally an underrated track from the already underrated Black Letter Days. A short and packed podcast for today's busy executive.

Show Me Your Tears - Massif Centrale
Newport, 2005 - River Euphrates (Acoustic)
Newport, 2005 - I Bleed (Acoustic)
Frank Black - I Heard Ramona Sing
Dog in the Sand (Demo) - St. Francis Dam Disaster
Black Letter Days - 21 Reasons

Episode #5 - Best Ever
Apr 15, 2006
As promised, two covers from Hey - A Pixies tribute grace this podcast. One, a straight up version of Blown Away; The other, a version of Mr. Grieves that may be circa 1920. On top of that, a rare acoustic version of Freedom Rock, two back-to-back versions of I'll Be Blue, some more album material including the famed Western Star, and kicking it all off with one of the best Frank Black and the Catholics recordings ever.

The State Regina, 2003 - Bullet
The State Regina, 2003 - Cold Heart of Stone
The State Regina, 2003 - Los Angeles
Honeycomb - Sing for Joy
Dog in the Sand - I'll Be Blue
eMusic Exclusive - I'll Be Blue
French Radio 1994 - Freedom Rock (acoustic)
Ledergeist - Mr. Grieves
Avelimp - Blown Away
Pistolero - Western Star

Episode #4 - April Fools
Apr 1, 2006
An April Fools prank gone awfully right, we promise a new Pixies track but fail to deliver, keeping in the promise breaking tradition. However, what we do have is what we believe to be the first Pixies radio show ever done, some excellent live tracks featuring Eric Drew Feldman and Frank Black solo in San Francisco, the unreleased version of Manitoba from the United States of Leland soundtrack, and so much other goodness you may have to do evil just to align your karma.

WERS 1987 - The Holiday Son
WERS 1987 - Isla De Encanta
WERS 1987 - Broken Face
WERS 1987 - Boom Chicka Boom
Honeycomb - Violet
Grotesque - J'aime le FrankBlack.Net Internet Thing
Oddballs - Announcement
Frank Black and the Catholics - Steak and Sabre
Hey - A Pixies Tribute (Commercial)
Clootie - Big Red
Slims San Francisco, 2003 - Calistan
Slims San Francisco, 2003 - The Swimmer
United States of Leland OST - Manitoba

Episode #3 - Where the Man Is Going
Mar 15, 2006
Dean promises the best podcast ever, but will it turn out to be a broken promise? Yes. Still, this week we're giving away an Oddballs CD to one lucky listener (as well as playing a track from Oddballs), we have another exclusive preview from the second disc of the upcoming Fastman Raiderman, our first ever Frank Black-to-Back section comparing two versions of Humboldt County Massacre, tracks from the I Don't Want To Hurt You EP, a really rare acoustic version of Velouria, and a track from the FrankBlack.Net salon.

I Don't Want To Hurt You EP - Village of the Sun (Live)
I Don't Want To Hurt You EP - The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb (Live)
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - Humboldt County Massacre
One More Road for the Hit - Humboldt County Massacre
Surface Noise - Destination Home
Oddballs - Man of Steel
Belgian Radio, 2003 - Velouria
Dog in the Sand - Llano Del Rio
Fastman Raiderman - Where the Wind Is Going

Episode #2 - Less Is More
Feb 25, 2006
Brian and Dean are back again with more Frank Black goodness. While it is a shorter episode than Episode 1 (40 minutes instead of 60) the plan is to bring you two podcasts a month. On tap this week, Dean mispronounces Le Cigare Volant repeatedly, Brian reveals his feelings for the Powerpuff Girls, and of course, Frank Black delivers with some more great tunes. Tracks from recently released b-side anthology One More Road for the Hit as well as the orange album and Pistolero, live cuts from Malmo, Sweden including Fiddle Riddle gone country(!), a rare track from the Jonathan Ross show courtesy of Ken Goes, and our first time presenting a song from the FB.Net Salon. This episode, a cover of Nadine from Octobre that we think you'll really like. The program:

Pistolero - So. Bay
One More Road for the Hit - Le Cigare Volant
One More Road for the Hit - Pray for the Girls
Jonathan Ross Show - Horrible Day
KB Malmo, Sweden, 2001 - Fiddle Riddle
KB Malmo, Sweden, 2001 - Oddballs
Octobre - Nadine
Frank Black - Don't Ya Rile 'Em

Episode #1 - The Debut
Feb 14, 2006
Our debut podcast, featuring music spanning Frank Black's career. This episode, The Black Sessions, Some underappreciated classics from Cult of Ray, Devil's Workshop, and Show Me Your Tears, a rare b-side, and a tasty sample of an upcoming album. Enjoy!

Black Sessions - Freedom Rock
Black Sessions - Whatever Happened to Pong
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - Pan American Highway
Cult of Ray - Men In Black
Paul Slavens - Cactus
Nadine EP - Ludwigshafen
Electric Ladyland Studios - One Step Beyond
Crime And Punishment in Suburbia Soundtrack - Bullet (Instrumental)
Lowlands Festival 2001 - Gouge Away
Zipper (You Ain't Me Tribute) - Whispering Weeds
Derek Olson (Hey Tribute) - Where Is My Mind
Show Me Your Tears - New House of the Pope
Devil's Workshop - Heloise
Fastman Raiderman - Dog Sleep