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"I see the checks when they come in the mailbox, and I thank all my patrons very much.... they should probably stop buying my records for a while so I can go on a diet."
(Frank Black - BBC Interview.)




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Below is the complete list of every podcast in season 2. In addition to a description and tracklist, it is also possible to download the podcasts directly (i.e. without a podcast client) but not recommended. Simply right-click and save the MP3 (please don't stream if possible- it eats our bandwidth).

Episode #29 - The Lost Podcast
May 14, 2008
The missing podcast is here, out of sequence but delicious as ever. A quick catchup on the last year, a few rip-roaring live tracks start things off and then we start to delve into the new Black Francis era.

Early Version - Fort Wayne
Bluefinger - Threshold Apprehension
Seven Fingers - I Sent Away
Frank Black - Fu Manchu
Teenager of the Year - Pure Denison of the Citizen's Band - Alabaster
Doug Fir Lounge Portland, Oregon Oct. 2, 2007 - Motorway to Roswell

Episode #28 - Later
Apr 28, 2007
On our third April podcast, Brian plays a bunch of songs with no real connnection to one another - for once. This set includes yet another song from Christmass, a rarity from the Hello Recording Club EP, as well as a Frank Black to Back and a spooky, undead introduction.

The Cult of Ray - Jesus Was Right
Trompe Le Monde - Palace of the Brine
Christmass - Massif Central
Hello Recording Club EP - Sir Rockaby
At the BBC - Levitate Me
Frank Black Francis - Levitate Me
Fast Man Raider Man - The Real El Ray
Devil's Workshop - The Scene

Episode #27 - Tuned to the Big Fleet
Apr 25, 2007
On today's podcast, Brian plays a slew of Frank Black radio performances ranging from 1994 to 2006. We also hear a track from Christmass, the latest FB release, and Brian blathers on and on (and on and on and on).

Christmass - Radio Lizards
InterFM - Pray a Little Faster
NovaFM - Humboldt County Massacre
KUT Radio - Johnny Barleycorn
Rolling Stone Online - Nimrod's Son
John Peel Session - The Man Who Was Too Loud (w/ Teenage Fanclub)
Fred's Podcast - Southboung Bevy
WOXY Radio - Raider Man

Episode #26 - Who Hears a Horton?
Apr 9, 2007
The first of four April podcasts, this short episode features on the three Frank Black songs that mention 50's songwriter Johnny Horton.

Hang Onto Your Ego EP - The Ballad of Johnny Horton
Dog In The Sand (SpinART Reissue) - If It Takes All Night (demo)
Show Me Your Tears - Everything Is New

Episode #25 - Bleak Letter Days
Mar 23, 2007
Brian is flying solo for the first time on our Podcast -and is a bit sad about it. This episode, we take a look at some Frank Black/Pixies songs that convey Brian's blue mood, we have a quasi-exclusive and some covers from the forum.

Pistolero - I Think I'm Starting to Lose It
Bossanova - Stormy Weather
Peter Radiator (You Ain't Me - A Tribute To Frank Black) - Cold Heart of Stone
Clootie (You Ain't Me - A Tribute to Frank Black) - I'll Be Blue
Fast Man Raider Man (Japanese Version) - I Don't Live Here Anymore
Frank Black and the Catholics - Do You Feel Bad About It?
One More Road For the Hit - Show Me Your Tears
Teenager of the Year - Bad Wicked World

Episode #24 - St. Valentine Dean Disaster
Mar 1, 2007
A belated love-fest! This was scheduled to appear on a very special Valentine's Day - it was also the one-year anniversary of the Frank Podcast! Come celebrate with us as we look through love songs, new songs, live songs, and maybe even a crack pot theory.

Pistolero - I Love Your Brain
Pixies at the BBC - Letter To Memphis
I Don't Want To Hurt You (Every Single Time) German EP - I Don't Want To Hurt You (Every Single Time) (Live)
Bossanova - Havalina
Christmass - Nadine
Christmass - She's My Way
Live in Saskatoon - Dead Man's Curve
Asterid (Hey! A Pixies Tribute) - There Goes My Gun

Episode #23 - Unwrapped
Dec 24, 2006
Our final podcast of December, as well as of 2006. Put on your Santa hats and get ready to unwrap some FB goodies.

Pixies at the BBC - Ana
1999 John Peel BBC Session - Valley of Our Hope
Dog in the Sand - Robert Onion
Dog in the Sand - I've Seen Your Picture
Black Letter Days - Jet Black River
Teenager of the Year - Speedy Marie

Episode #22 - The Looooong Way Home
Dec 17, 2006
Our second stocking stuffer mini-podcast is so big it barely fit and certainly isn't mini! Here, we celebrate some of the longest Frank Black and Pixies songs on record, opening with the epic Blast Off and concluding with everyone's favourite b-side, Announcement.

Dog in the Sand - Blast Off
Frank Black and the Catholics - I Need Peace
Hang On To Your Ego EP - Surf Epic
Bossanova - All Over The World
Pistolero - I Switched You
The Barfly, 2000 - 21 Reasons
Oddballs - Announcement

Episode #21 - The Julian Show
Dec 8, 2006
The first in our series of stocking stuffer mini-podcasts, we are joined by Julian Clark, the artist behind the cover art for the I Burn Today single as well as son of Violet and Frank Black. Julian co-hosts the show with us and shares stories and favourite songs. As well, courtesy of Violet, we have a track from her project, Dunmore, as an added treat.

Tower Theatre, 2006 - Los Angeles
Teenager of the Year - Headache
Bossanova - Allison
Dunmore - Shift in Consciousness
Honeycomb - I Burn Today

Episode #20 - Live in Saskatoon
Dec 3, 2006
Come back stage with us as Frank Black treats you to a spot on his tour bus, entertains, and then proceeds to put on a terrific show here in Saskatoon. Brian flew out to Canada to be here for this live podcast, all of which comes from that faithful November 7th. Whether you could be there or not, we're hoping the podcast will take you back to the show and give a good sampling of what the latest Frank Black band can do. Enjoy the show!

Tour Bus

The Water (Acoustic)
Conversation on the bus

Live in Saskatoon

Two Reelers and Band Intro
Ten Percenter
I'm Not Dead (I'm in Pittsburgh)
(Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar
Raider Man
I'll Be Blue
Sing for Joy