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Welcome to the FrankBlack.Net Discopedia! This is an ongoing project combining a complete discography spanning Frank Black's entire career with an encyclopedic gathering of information about each song and release. Wherever possible each track will have listed not only the release information, but accurate song lyrics (with insight to hidden meanings), excellent guitar tabs, thorough notes, relevant definitions, clues to song references and even quotes from the man himself.

Using the Discopedia couldn’t be simpler. Each release is listed by type which you can browse through using the menu on the left. If you're hunting for a paricular song, you can also browse through the songs via the index. Finally, you can use the Search feature to find songs, quotes, lyrics, and so on.

On the main page for any album/promo/single etc you will find the cover art for that particular release and a list of all other versions (each with its own cover art) as well as a quick-reference guide to what is different from the currently viewed release. Now you can finally see what all those different versions of the Headache single look like. You will find all the songs on that particular release listed in the menu in nice, numerical order. Clicking on the song will take you to everything we've got on it. Definitions, references, lyrics, all the good stuff we promised you a few paragraphs ago.

Of course, we're not all-knowing gods here at Frank Black.Net. Just your regular, garden variety-type gods. So if you notice something absent or incorrect, please let us know. Don't worry, we're benevolent! Either email Tre or bring it up on the forum. As you'd imagine, there are already a number of threads dedicated to song discussion. We're still hard at work on providing a more interactive interface where users can suggest edits and additions directly from the database, among other things.

Until then, please enjoy the labours of our entire FrankBlack.Net community. Grab a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape, dim the lights, and we'll take you on a journey through Frank Black's music that's sure to enlighten.

- Tre
Discopedia Admin, 04/04/06

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