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    Beneath the Eyrie
     01  In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain
     02  On Graveyard Hill
     03  Catfish Kate
     04  This Is My Fate
     05  Ready for Love
     06  Silver Bullet
     07  Long Rider
     08  Los Surfers Muertos
     09  St. Nazaire
     10  Bird of Prey
     11  Daniel Boone
     12  Death Horizon
Beneath the Eyrie

Frank Black in an interview with Billboard:

"I guess itís a reference to an eagleís nest that was outside the studio. I believe it was in the church steeple. They converted an old church into a studio. I believe David the drummer, being a wildlife observer, spotted this. And the producer, Tom Dalgety, suggested it as an album title. We usually pick album titles from a lyric or a song title. This time, I had been thinking it would be good to break out of that tradition. It was starting to feel too much like a rule, or something."

This Release details:
  • Release date: September 13, 2019
  • Label: Infectious Music
  • Format: CD
  • Catalog number: B07SLGXFNN
  • Origin: USA
  • Notes:
    Recorded At: Dreamland Recording Studios, Hurley, NY, USA

    Drums: David Lovering
    Bass: Paz Lenchantin
    Guitars: Joey Santiago & Black Francis
    Vocals: Paz Lenchantin & Black Francis
    Producer: Tom Dalgety
    Writers: Black Francis, Mick Ralphs & Paz Lenchantin
    Backing Vocals: Paz Lenchantin
    Bass Guitar: Paz Lenchantin
    Drums: David Lovering
    Engineer: John Davis & Tom Dalgety

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