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85 Weeks

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Guitar Tab:

Once Eric said
Come gather around
I'll tell a tale
That is sure to astound

That's awake see
He don't sleep
Talking taking no break
But you don't believe
No you don't believe (x2)

As to his fame well
He has two claims
He is a Don
And as well a Captain

He was awake see
For eighty-five weeks
With no sleep
It's crazy maybe
But you don't believe
No you don't believe (x2)

They called him freak
And he lost all his friends
Could only speak
To the boys in the band

You stay awake and see
What happens every eighty-five weeks
With no napping
But you don't believe
No you don't believe (x2)

Please will you listen
To what then did occur?
The world to him
Was all covered in fur

Let me explain
See the fur
Changed to wood grain
Everything can you believe it?
But you don't believe
No you don't believe (x5)

"We were just sitting around, I told him a story about Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) and his lack of sleeping at one point in his life."
- Eric Drew Feldman, "Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies" (US Edition, Pg. 241).

Definitions and References:
somĚnamĚbuĚlist (n.)
A person who is subject to somnambulism; one who walks in his sleep; a sleepwalker; a noctambulist.

Eric Drew Feldman, off and on keyboardist for Frank Black and the Catholics.

Don Glen Vliet, aka Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart.

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