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    Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
     01  Constant Sorrow Man
     02  Pan American Highway
     03  Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
     04  Humboldt County Massacre
     05  Angst
     06  Sleep
     07  Sister Isabel
     08  Le Cigare Volant
     09  I Will Run After You
     10  His Kingly Cave
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day

This Release details:
  • Release date: 2000
  • Label:
  • Format: CD
  • Catalog number: N/A
  • Origin: USA
  • Notes: "We made a record that ended up on the Internet called Sunday Mill Valley Groove Day, and it was just an OK session but in general it was not an album, so we didnít release it as an album. I had a few copies of it in my pocket and I was on tour and a couple of super-excited kids who seemed like they deserved something special happened to be there and I said, 'Here you go,' and they posted it, like, the next day. I didnít ask my audience to buy it. Itís a freebie, Iím not going to sell it."
    - Magnet Magazine, 2002

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