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Men In Black

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You believe it, you better
I got their number
Classic camcorder
I saw everything

Dinner plate specials
The shapes of cucumber
I'm going to the papers
I am going to sing

In the cool, cool night
And in the middle of the day

I'm watching my back
I'm waiting my visitation
From the men in black
Are they grey or is it my own nation?

It's been a good year
It's been a good summer
I wait for the door or that phone to ring
Our little race

I don't want to fall
So just in case
I made you a copy
And I put it in the mail

You believe it
I got their number
Classic camcorder
I saw everything

From Adamsilve: Is Men in Black about aliens or conspiracies or what?
Ffrraaaank: Well, It's about the Men in Black who are the psychological intimidators sent by the alien or maybe the government or maybe both.

- Frank Black, from an AOL chat session, May 6, 1996

"It's about the men in black who come and knock on your door when you know too much about what you've seen. If you've seen, for example, a UFO, and you start to talk about that. The men in black are intimidators. Some claim are aliens. Some claim are...feds. G-men."
- Frank Black, Glr Radio interview, May 18, 1994

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