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Preacher's Daughter

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I knew a girl with four feet of hair
And her eyes they actually did shine bright
But she wouldn't have some vin ordinaire
I was nearly just out of her sight

You can't ever change her mind
No you can't save the preacher's daughter
And the lord knows I've been tryin' every day
I will never get through to you
Ah but honey if I do
I'll be singin' all the way
I'll be singin' all the way

Days in the sun they made her skin brown
And she grew up just like a rattan
She got so high and I was so down
She wanted a much taller man


I knew a boy who lay in the field
And he thought of another time
But now here I am and I can almost feel
Her legs pressed up next to mine


I'll be singin' all the way

Produced by Stan Ridgway
Performed by Frank Black (vocals, guitar), Scott Boutier (drums), Rich Gilbert (piano), Rob Laufer (guitar, vocals), David McCaffery (bass, vocals), Dave Philips (pedal steel guitar), Stan Ridgway (harmonica)

Definitions and References:
Vin Ordinaire
Inexpensive red table wine.

A climbing palm, noted for the extraordinary height it grows to. Commonly used for wickerwork furniture and other items.

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