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I Bleed

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Guitar Tab:

As loud as hell
A ringing bell
Behind my smile
It shakes my teeth
And all the while
As vampires feed

I bleed
I bleed
I bleed

Prithee my dear
Why are we here
Nobody knows
We go to sleep
As breathing flows
My mind secedes

I bleed
I bleed
I bleed
I bleed
I bleed
I bleed

There's a place
In the buried west
In a cave
With a house in it
In the clay
The holes of hands
You can place
A hand in hand

I bleed
I bleed
I bleed

"In the first two verses there's no topic whatsoever; all this is just a rhyme structured AABCBDD. It's all very automatic. The rest is about Arizona. There's a very famous cliff dwelling there, with two or three storey houses about a mile up inside these cliffs. It's about 900 years old and you can still see the handprints from the people who pressed the plaster onto the walls. And you can take your hand and place it in the print and its very wooh."
- NME 22nd April 1989

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