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Jaina Blues

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Iím working on my Maitri
It doesnít matter who you are
Just only that youíre living
Iím trying so hard

Iím working on Pramoda
I canít say Iíve gone as far
Iím so happy now to see you
Yeah, you soul star

Thatís the Jaina blues (x4)

Iím working on my Karuna
Iím gonna help you through this part
Nothingís gone your way it seems
Youíre trying so hard

Thatís the Jaina blues (x2)

I never dreamed
That this would be
So hard

Iím working on Madhyastha
I wonít finish what you start
Iím not trying to listen
Yeah, Iím trying so hard

Thatís the Jaina blues (x2)

Link to Jain World website from the profile of Frank "frankusblackus" Black

"Jaina is one of those Keith Richards tunings...Dave Philips showed me...can't remember right now. Actually I gotta learn it again if we're gonna do the song...guess I could play it differently."
-Frank Black
Posted on the FrankBlack.Net forum Sept. 17, 2003

Definitions and References:
These are four of the Bhavnas, or virtues, of Jainism:

Maitri - Amity, love, and friendship
Pramoda - Appreciation, respect and joy
Karuna - Compassion
Madhyastha - Equanimity and tolerance

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