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    You Ain't Me
    01  You Ain't Me
     02  You Never Heard About Me
     03  Pray A Little Faster
     04  Announcement
You Ain't Me

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Standing in the light
You're so self congratulatory
So I guess you have the right
To be so masturbatory

And like a man with his pet
You always seem to forget

That you ain't me
You ain't me
You ain't me
No, you ain't me

Did you include the question mark?
When I answered you were totally shocked
You looked at me like I was a snark
While your head was extremely mentally blocked

I'm the guy from wonderland
And you could never understand

That you ain't me
You ain't me

The money has been spent
I'm not saying it hasnt been earned
The customers have paid
Im just feeling kind of burned

Tell me where have you been
Oh, black-eyed mannequin

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