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I Want Rock & Roll

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Guitar Tab:

I want to go back to fifty-five
Ten before I was burned alive
There ain't no use in a stupid dream
My head is tired from this enthymeme

I want to hear the holy ramage
I don't mind a little ear damage
Henry Sloane in my soca soul
I'm not ashamed to say

I want rock and roll (x6)

I'd like to hear some Chubby Checker
Crush my heart with Desmond Dekker
Little itty bitty of Freddy Fender
Start me up, return to sender

I want rock and roll (x6)

I want to go back to fifty-five
Ten before I was burned alive
The world can be so very cold
Nothing to say except

I want rock and roll (x6)

If you're going to San Francisco
Just remember it all is disco

Definitions and References:
"Start Me Up"
Rolling Stones song from their 1981 album, "Tattoo You."

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