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Down In The Hole

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Down in the Hole

Will all your money
Buy you forgiveness
Keep you from sickness
keep you from cold

Will all your money
Keep you from madness
Keep you from sadness
When you're down in the hole

Cause you'll be down in the gutter
You'll be bumming for cigarettes
Bumming for nylons
In the American Zone

You'll be down in the hole
Yeah, down in the hole
No escape from trouble
Nowhere to go

Down in the gutter
Begging for cigarettes
Begging forgiveness
All that you know

Down in the hole
After digging the trenches
Looking for cover and finding out there ain't nowhere nowhere to go
Nowhere nowhere nowhere to go

None of your money
Will buy you forgiveness
None of your jewelry
None of your gold

Your black market cigarettes
Your American nightclubs
Ah, they've got nowhere left

Something for nothing
All of your friends gone
Something for nothing
That's all that you know

There's something down in the hole
Down down down in the hole
There's something down down down down in the hole

This is a cover of The Rolling Stones original from the 1980 album 'Emotional Rescue'.

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