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Strange Goodbye

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Guitar Tab:

I used to walk in a big black cloud
You took my hand and you led me out

A nest of demons played upon my chest
You picked me up and you laid them to rest

It's a pain, to be sure, we were aiming so high
It's so strange to be saying goodbye

We saw the world from an automobile

Saw the best view over 10,000 meals

Funny how an evening turns into years

Funny how we're laughing through all of these tears.

It's a pain, to be sure, we sure gave it a try
It's a shame to be saying goodbye

Oh my darling shall we have one more dance
A prayer to the raingod to give one more chance
The water will cleanse us, we spin on the plain
And take us to the ocean to find love again

It's a pain, to be sure, we were aiming so high
It's so strange to be saying goodbye

It's a pain that endures, we sure gave it a try
It's so strange to be saying goodbye

"I sang this with my soon-to-be ex-wife. We're very friendly with each other, which is why the vibe of the song is so happy: We were a happy couple, and now we're a happily divorced couple. This is just our way of having a sense of humor about it all. A lot of our friends were freaked out when we split up, so we decided that doing a song together would communicate that we weren't at about hate. It's just our way of saying, "Come on, guys. Let's drink up and be happy and make peace with it all.""
- Frank on recording Honeycomb - Night Times. 12/06/2005

"I was writing the song at the Burbank airport and I said "I want to sing this with Jean as a duet." as a kind of Johnny Cash and June Carter thing, almost show-bizzy. And so I called her and she said "yeah, no problem" and so I did write it with that in mind. We weren't in the studio at the same time --I think we both would have got a little too choked up if that had been the case-- but it was our way of sealing things and also to prevent a kind of happy, almost humorous face in the light of it all."
- Frank Black interview - Comes With A Smile. Autumn 2005

"Singing a goodbye song with your ex-wife ('Strange Goodbye') is pretty naked... I was excited to be able to go there. You know that song Ringo Starr had a hit with, 'If you Wanna Sing The Blues You Gotta Pay Your Dues'? It feels good to pay some dues and suddenly, 'Ding ding ding ding ding!' These green-lighted doors that you didnt realise were there suddenly appear. It's like, 'OK you can go in here and write one of these kind of songs now. You've earned it, you have the scars to prove it and you can do it in a much more believable way.' It's really strange how that happens but it really does happen."
- Frank in NME, July 2005

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