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Guitar Tab:

hold my head
we'll trampoline
finally through the roof
on to somewhere near
and far in time
her covering
traveling career
she can really move
oh velveteen

my velouria
my velouria
even I'll adore ya
my velouria

say to me
where have you been
finally through the roof
and how does lemur skin
reflect the sea?

we will wade in the shine of the ever
we will wade in the shine of the ever
we will wade in the tides of the summer
every summer
every summer
my velouria
my velouria

I know she's here
in California
I can see the tears
of shastasheen

my velouria, my velouria
even I'll adore ya
my velouria, my verlouria
(even I'll adore ya)

Velouria: that was My Victoria, pretty good, but The Kinks song . . . I don't know it's gotta be a good song to get away with it. But when I found "Velouria", it sounded great
- Q September 1990

Well, the sister continent of Atlantis is Lemuria, sank in the Pacific Ocean, and the remnants of a culture are holed up in Mount Shasta, which is in Northern California - its a hollowed out mountain. They live in the mountain today, because it's an ongoing kind of thing. So lemur skin, fur, Velouria rhymes with Lemuria... kind of, and that's sort of what that's all about.
- Frank talking to MTV

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