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    Death To The Pixies (2 CD Edition)
    - Disc one
       01  Cecilia Ann
       02  Planet of Sound
       03  Tame
       04  Here Comes Your Man
       05  Debaser
       06  Dig For Fire
       07  Wave Of Mutilation
       08  Caribou
       09  The Holiday Song
       10  Nimrod's Son
      11  U-Mass
       12  Bone Machine
       13  Gigantic (EP version)
       14  Where Is My Mind?
       15  Velouria
       16  Gouge Away
       17  Monkey Gone To Heaven
    - Disc two
       01  Debaser (live)
       02  Rock Music (live)
       03  Broken Face (live)
       04  Isla de Encanta (live)
       05  Hang Wire (live)
       06  Dead (live)
       07  Into The White (live)
       08  Monkey Gone To Heaven (live)
       09  Gouge Away (live)
       10  Here Comes Your Man (live)
       11  Allison (live)
       12  Hey (live)
       13  Gigantic (live)
       14  Crackity Jones (live)
       15  Something Against You (live)
       16  Tame (live)
       17  Wave Of Mutilation (live)
       18  Where Is My Mind? (live)
       19  Ed Is Dead (live)
       20  Vamos (Come on Pilgrim) (live)
       21  Tony's Theme (live)

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Guitar Tab:

In the sleepy west of the woody east
Is a valey full, full o' pioneers
We're not just kids, to say the least
We got ideas to us that's dear
Like capitalist
Like communist
Like lots of things you've heard about
And redneckers they get us pissed
And stupid stuff it makes us shout
Oh dance with me and don't be shy
Oh kiss me cunt, oh kiss me cock
Oh kiss the world, oh kiss the sky
Oh kiss my ass, oh let it rock
Of the april birds and the may bee
Oh baby

Of massachusetts please
And here's the last five

It's educational
It's educational
It's educational
It's educational
It's educational

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