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Letter To Memphis

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Guitar Tab:

The day since I met her
I can't believe it's true
She came here from memphis
Across the ocean sailing
And I saw her and I pleaded
Why do you come so far
And she said

Trying to get to you
How I tried to get to you
Trying to get to you

I'm sending a letter
I'll send it right to you
I'll send it to memphis
I know that someday
Everything I needed and I wanted
Used to be that my head was haunted

And all these sirens they make me mad
And all this violence it brings me down
I feel strong
I feel lucky

Trying to get to you
Said I'm going to get to you
Trying to get to you

It was a letter to Memphis, Egypt, to the great love of my life during her past life in that part of the world.
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