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I stole some of your tricks
That night you came
In 1986
But who could blame me?

I copied all your licks
I was so spellbound

But I could not get a pound or an ounce of the feeling of Angst
Feeling of Angst

Been to the Mending Wall
I Cry For Happy
I found the Mystery Spot
I live the Lite Life
I think I'm gonna bomb
But you're not around

And I could not get a pound
Or an ounce of the feeling of angst
Feeling of angst

No I could not get a pound or an ounce of the feeling of angst (x3)

Produced by Eric Drew Feldman
Recorded by Kevin Ink
Performed by Frank Black (vocal, guitar), Scott Boutier (drums), Eric Drew Feldman (electric piano), Rich Gilbert (pedal steel guitar), David McCafferty (bass, vocals)

"Charles and I had a suite at the college dorm. We'd go to shows, I remember seeing Black Flag and Angst."
- Joey Santiago, "Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies" (US Edition, Pg. 11).

Definitions and References:
Angst was an "art-punk" band in the 1980s, comprised of Joe Pope (vocals/bass), Jon E. Risk (vocals/guitar), and Michael Hursey (drums). Their discography includes a self-titled album, Lite Life, Mending Wall, and Cry for Happy.

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