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"I like being the underdog. Itīs better than sucking."
(Frank Black - unknown.)




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Charity Auction
Cult of Frank (13:47 PST)

This Christmas, Richard "Old Man In A Coffee Can" Hedgepath had a different idea for, possibly the best one we've had so far. Rather than just posting some exclusive piece of news (like, for example, the tracklisting for the Honeycomb follow up has been finalized to 13 tracks), maybe we could do something that really was in the spirit of the holiday.

With that in mind, we've got five Frank-Black autographed Americana Music Association (AMA) t-shirts that we're going to auction off on the forum. $10 from every shirt has already been given by the AMA to Red Cross. But that's not where it ends...

We've contacted Frank & Violet and they've asked that we donate any proceeds from the auction to Child Reach, an organization that strives to help children in need. What could be a more appropriate time of year to do so?

So, we're starting the auctions as of now, we think this is a great time to really do something good for others. We hope you'll agree.

Links to auctions:
Auction 1
Auction 2

(Dead) Pixies Album
Cult of Frank (13:03 PST)

No, the album is not live, and no, it's not called "Dead" - at least not yet. But yes, a new Pixies album seems to finally be in the cards. Thanks to Mrgrieves1971 for the head's up.

Frank Black told Boston Globe reporter Mark Shanahan this morning that he does intend to have a new album and plans to get to work on writing, but neither confirmed nor denied that the process had already been started.

"Yeah [we're recording a new album], but I need to write some good songs. These Pixies have gotten a little uppity. They're like, ''What if it's not as good as the old records?"

In more personal news, Frank & Violet were married Nov 12 of this year, so from we'd like to offer a resounding (if belated) congratulations. The new baby is also expected to be a girl this time, and they couldn't be happier. All the best to them. And Happy Holidays to you, too!


Hey! Live Pixies Album
Cult of Frank (10:18 PST)

So you've been waiting for a new Pixies album since the unthinkable happened two years ago and the reunion was announced? Then you may be mollified to learn that a new Pixies Live Double Album, entitled "Hey" (perhaps to confuse buyers into thinking they're purchasing our wildly successful tribute album of the same name) is on the way for January 3, 2006.

But don't go striking it off your Christmas list yet, eMusic has an exclusive advance copy just waiting to be downloaded.

The tracks are taken mostly from various UK and US shows from 2004 and 2005. Thanks to Speedy M for the heads-up and jediroller for providing a place to download the tribute album "Hey" from.


Cathloics in a Box
Cult of Frank (23:01 PST)

It's been awhile since there's been a news update. And it's also been awhile since we heard anything about a Catholics Box Set. March 14, to be exact. So, with the hope of drinking from the same glass twice, we now have confirmation from Frank himself, courtesy of an excellent interview in Comes With A Smile by Stav Sherez, which is definitely worth picking up. Especially since it appears the magazine is on the way out. Quoth the raven,

"The Catholics are doing a boxset and [a cover of Bruce Springsteen's I'm Going Down] is going to be on there. I love that song. ... It's coming out on Cooking Vinyl. All the B-sides, plus other things we need to look at and try and find so you're not buying the same stuff twice."

Of course, the one thing that would ensure the box set being scooped up by devout fans would be the inclusion of a follow up to Show Me Your Tears with the Catholics, but that appears to be out of the cards for the time being. More on this when we have it, and thanks to Brian for posting the article.

(finally back in Saskatoon)

Sicilian Kissed Goodbye
Cult of Frank (07:42 PST)

As reported previously, day two of the Honeycomb sessions was moreorless earmarked for a followup album in 2006, tentatively titled the Sicilian. However, that title is now sleeping with the fishes and the new album, still slated for next year, should serve as a wakeup for those who found Honeycomb a slumberous followup to the Catholics. Jon Tiven, producer of both albums, has said the new album will be a little more rocking than Honeycomb.

For those who enjoyed the more autobiographical tone, Tiven also notes that the followup will continue to tell the story of Frank Black, but travelling backwards in time from where Honeycomb left him. Which, assuming that the final product does bridge the immense gap between Show Me Your Tears and Honeycomb, should fit perfectly with the new album's more rockish tone.

Finally, in Pixies' news, the long awaited "Pixies Sell Out" DVD is now available in stores. The new album, well, we've said too much already...

(live from Hania)

Frank Black: Repo Man?
Cult of Frank (19:51 PST)

Kelly from American Laundromat Records tells us that Frank Black will be covering Iggy Pop's classic Repo Man for the coming-this-fall High School Reunion 80's film tribute album. And that's not all, Kristin Hersh, very appropriately given her new bands' name (50 Foot Wave) is slated to cover the UK Surf version of Wave of Mutilation. More on the tribute here.

(live from Tripolis)

Honeycomb Release, Live Show, iTunes Playlist
Cult_of_Frank (09:10 PST)

It's long overdue, and solely a result of me being overseas, so I apologize, but we would be remiss if we didn't announce, even two weeks late, that as of July 19 Honeycomb has officially been released worldwide.

As a positive side effect of this delinquency, I can now tell you that the reviews have been positively glowing, and it has been well-received the world over. Check here and read for yourself.

As a further means of apology, I will do something I don't usually do and post a rather substantial rumour. That is that it appears LIKELY that Frank will be appearing with the Honeycomb entourage in Nashville's Mercy Lounge Sept 10. Confirmation still to come. Thanks to OldManInACoffeeCan for some terrific sleuthing.

Finally, Frank has got his celebrity playlist posted on iTunes, containing selections from many of his favourite artists, including AND limited to, Burl Ives. Check it out. Thanks to Wade and UseYourName for the heads-up.

That's all for now, but hopefully we'll have some big news by the month's end. Enjoy the summer!

(live from Budapest)

Acoustic Pixies in Newport!
Dave Noisy (14:08 PST)

One of the producers of the Newport Folk Festival just fired this my way:


Frank says: "I hope Pete Seeger doesn't go after the power supply with an axe, for us going acoustic"

Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI
Saturday August 6

Tickets @

The Pixies Unplugged, who'da thunk?!

I Burn Today - Single
Cult_of_Frank (04:26 PST)

The first single from Honeycomb has been announced: I Burn Today. Already this song has been getting airplay on major stations like the omnipresent BBC. The artwork for the single was created by Violet's seven year old son. We happen to have a copy of it here.

Finally, while it's still awaiting official confirmation or at least some explanation, it appears that French fans will be treated to Honeycomb a few weeks earlier than the rest of the world, coming as soon as July 4.


Frank Black Interviews Ray Bradbury
Cult of Frank (21:27 PST)

Frank Black popped by yesterday to share an interview he'd written for the LA Alternative Press with none other than science fiction luminary Ray Bradbury. Frank has on many occassions credited Mr. Bradbury as a heavy influenced by Bradbury's works, and named the 1996 album Cult of Ray in his honour. Read the article and join the discussion here.

In other news, the second disc of Nashville sessions has been tentatively titled "The Sicilian". There is no release date yet, but according to the man himself, they're hoping for a January 2006 release. Likely, the success of Honeycomb will be a determining factor.

As well, you may have read (elsewhere - how dare you!) that Frank Black has a duet with Courtney Love on a song called Strange Goodbye for Honeycomb. This is definitely not the case and he in fact duets with his ex-wife Jean on the song.

Finally, we've moved our site to a new server which is younger, faster, and, according to unnamed sources, "a lot more fun". If you notice any problems on the site, please let us know.


Frank's 40th Party Pics
Cult of Frank (14:56 PST)

Violet, Frank's wife, sends us this:

I recently threw Charles a surprise 40th birthday party in LA. It was amazing, special and incredibly fun. Pix from the party can be viewed here.

You can't see the full sized images without a paid registration, but it's still great. There are some pictures of Frank Black as proud father, husband, and, I can safely say without hyperbole, what is easily the coolest cake - ever.

It's hard to tell at this size, but PJ Harvey's 'guest' appears to be none other than Eric Drew Feldman, who we're all hoping will be joining the Pixies for their summer tour.

Thanks for sending this in, Violet!


Pixies On The Road Again!
Dave Noisy (23:16 PST)

Hey everyone, guess what?

The Pixies have officially announced their 2005 Tour! Find out more here!

- Dave

New Forum Look!
Cult of Frank (02:32 PST)

Yes, that's right. We've redesigned our forum to have a new look. The rest of the site shouldn't be too far behind.

For regular patrons, you'll surely notice that our new theming is much more generalized, encompassing Frank's entire career and in particular, his Catholics-era work. There are hints of things to come as well as references to what has passed. We hope you'll agree that this is an improvement over the Show Me Your Tears theme of old, which was becoming increasingly dated.

While we will probably be under construction for the next week or so as we implement the new design, please feel free to post your thoughts on the new look.

And while you're at it, stop and give a big pat on the back to our tireless art team, who have worked, well, tirelessly. Active Duck, Apl4Eris, Daisy Girl, Frank Black Conspiracy, Starmekitten, thanks for a fantastic job and all the hard work! Dave & I appreciate it greatly as will, hopefully, everyone else.


Live Rich Gilbert Chat
Cult of Frank (11:23 PST)

Well, it's admittedly been a long week since our last new item, but here we are. First of all, the release date for Honeycomb we reported last month has been confirmed officially. North America will first get its sticky hands on Honeycomb July 19, with a likely European release the day prior. Honeycomb will not be a double album, but there are currently plans to bring out the second Nashville disc in the not-too-distant-future.

In more immediate news, we will be hosting a chat/q&a with Rich Gilbert, a man who needs no introduction to Catholics fans, on Sunday April 24th at 2PM Central time.

So come on by and say hello. Or you'll look quite the fool. The April fool, as it were.


Honeycomb Release Date
cult_of_frank (18:27 PST)

Though there is the remote possibility that something could change, a tentative release date has been set for Honeycomb, which is signed to Back Porch Records (and distributed by Virgin).

Yes, yes, I hear you... what about the date?! Unfortunately, it's later than the rumoured May release which had been circulating. The tentative date is July 19. Perhaps because they still need time to finish the second disc? We can hope...

In other news, Cooking Vinyl is putting together a Frank Black boxset. Details are yet to be finalized, but rumours abound that it will include a b-sides anthology.

There is more to come at the end of the week, so check back!


Sarah SpinArt Fundraiser
Cult_of_Frank (14:21 PST)

We were shocked to learn that our very own "Sarah SpinArt", a frequent visitor to FrankBlack.Net and an inside source for all sorts of tidbits, is suffering from Wegener's Disease.

In order to help her with the bills, SpinArt is fundraising by auctioning a whole lot of signed goodies including Frank Black/Pixies albums and a guitar signed by the man himself. There are also a host of other SpinArt artists who have contributed to the cause, such as Interpol, Wilco, Beastie Boys, Camper Van Beethoven, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Pearl Jam.

Those who missed the auction or would rather donate directly can do so here.

We wish Sarah a speedy recovery and many more years of great music.


Fri 8/Jul/16
BBK Live, Bilbao, ES

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Rock-A-Field, Luxembourg, LU

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Live at the Marquee, Cork, IE

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