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"It's about a trip that I took to Graceland... I thought it would be fun to take hallucinogenic mushrooms while I was there. I was much younger than I am now. It's not something I would really do now. I was young and dumb and I went to Graceland with my girlfriend and we took mushrooms and it was a horrible and tense."
(Frank Black on His Kingly Cave -




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Below is the complete list of every podcast in season 3. In addition to a description and tracklist, it is also possible to download the podcasts directly (i.e. without a podcast client) but not recommended. Simply right-click and save the MP3 (please don't stream if possible- it eats our bandwidth).

Episode #49 - Reunited
September 1, 2010
We wrap up our 3rd season with the laziest of all shows - a clip show! Season 4 starts in October.

11 October 2001 Dancing the Manta Ray
Abbabubba Virginia Reel
Unreleased Brooklyn Piledriver
Ciao My Shining Star Bill Jocko
The Golem Miriam and Florian
Lovesick EP Vapors
Space Babes Vs The Monster DVD My Name is Gary The News Is Gonna Break
Live in Nijmegen USB Half Man
Unreleased Radio Lizards (Original Version)

Episode #48 - Independent Day
July 1, 2010
This month, while not mocking beautiful speeches, we play the best independent releases from the Frank Black catalogue.

Abbabubba - (Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar
The Golem - Stars
Hey: A Pixies Tribute - Palace of the Brine (Jeff America)
You Ain't Me: A Tribute to Frank Black - Pure Denizen of the Citizen's Band (Mike DiSanto)
28 February 2008 - Where Is My Mind?
7 November 2006 - The Water
Honeycomb - Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
We Meet Again - Sad Jane (Blue Jacket)
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - Humboldt County Massacre
Hotel Utah USB - Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
Live in Nijmegen USB - Discotheque 36

Episode #47 - Tuesday Cloudy Pompton Lakes Work Day
June 1, 2010
A look at the music of Doug Sahm, whose song "Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day" (SSMVGD) has been covered by Frank Black numerous times and an interesting chat with his son, Shawn.

Petits Fours - Break the Angels
One More Road for the Hit - Valley Of Our Hope
Abbabubba - Abbabubba
The Complete Mercury Masters - SSMVGD - Sir Douglas Quintet
SSMVGD - Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
Texas Tornados - Hey Baby Que Paso - Texas Tornados
Doolittle - Crackity Jones
The complete Mercury Masters - Mendocino - Sir Douglas Quintet
Teenager of the Year - Superabound
Esta Bueno - If I Could Only - Texas Tornados
Pistolero Demos - I Want Rock and Roll
Esta Bueno - Girl Going Nowhere - Texas Tornados
SSMVGD - His Kingly Cave
You Ain't Me - His Kingly Cave - Asterid

Episode #46 - The Junk Drawer Podcast
May 1, 2010
We empty out the junk drawer and pull out all sorts of rarities and goodies.

1999 John Peel Session - Billy Radcliff
1996 John Peel Session - Everyone Is Wrong
Where Is My Mind? : A Tribute to the Pixies - The Holiday Song (The Siren Six)
March 1993 - The Ballad of Lucas MacGraw - Il Cucchiaio
21 September 1996 - The Cult of Ray
1996 - Mosh Don't Pass the Guy (with lyrics)
Oddballs - Man of Steel
Unreleased - Radio Lizards
Christmass - Radio Lizards
2 October 2007 - Stormy Weather
93-03 - Sing for Joy (live)

Episode #45 - Tribute to Duane Jarvis
April 1, 2010
A tribute to the great Duane Jarvis, a year after his passing.

Far From Perfect - A Girl That's Hip
Fast Man Raider Man - Raider Man
7 November 2006 - Raider Man
7 November 2006 - Horrible Day
Certified Miracle - Still I Long For Your Kiss
The Golem - The Flower Song
Fast Man Raider Man - Don't Cry That Way
6 November 2006 - Six-Sixty-Six
Certified Miracle - Certified Miracle

Episode #44 - NonStopErotikast
March 1, 2010
Brian, sans Dean, navigates the new NonStopErotik and catches up with Black Francis and Eric Drew Feldman.

The Golem - Custom All the Way - Ghost Coming
BBC Radio 6 - Jumping Beans (with Art Burt's Ian Catskilkin)
14 March 2006 - Dead Man's Curve
NonStopErotik - Dead Man's Curve
Demo - Brooklyn Piledriver
NonStopErotik - NonStopErotik
NonStopErotik - Six Legged Man
14 March 2006 - Rabbits
NonStopErotik - Rabbits
Honeycomb - Honeycomb
The Golem - Astaroth
NonStopErotik - Cinema Star

Episode #43 - Catholics Covering Pixies
Feb 1, 2010
Revisit the Catholics-era and take a look at how FB and the C's interpreted Pixies classics.

11 October 1998 - Wave of Mutilation
11 October 2001 - Dancing the Manta Ray
24 August 2001 - Gouge Away
5 May 2002 - Monkey Gone to Heaven
14 May 2002 - Mr. Grieves
14 May 2002 - The Holiday Song
23 May 2002 - Where Is My Mind?
4 April 2003 - Crackity Jones
19 April 2003 - Nimrod's Son
20 October 2003 - Caribou
20 October 2003 - Velouria
26 November 2003 - Cactus

Episode #42 - The Long Awaited Workout Podcast
Jan 1, 2010
After nearly a year of promising, Dean and Brian get you in shape for 2010...finally...

Oddballs - Jumping Beans
Trompe le Monde - Distance = Rate x Time
Hang Onto Your Ego CD Single - The Ballad of Johnny Horton
Frank Black and the Catholics - I Gotta Move
Debaser - Tame
Devil's Workshop - Velvety
The Cult of Ray - Men in Black
Pistolero - I Want Rock and Roll
The Cult of Ray - The Cult of Ray
SVN FNGRS - I Sent Away
Bluefinger - Captain Pasty
Teenager of the Year - Pie in the Sky
Trompe le Monde - Alec Eiffel
Surfer Rosa - Tony's Theme
Teenager of the Year - Thalassocracy
Oddballs - Hate Me
Black Letter Days - Black Letter Day
Pistolero - Billy Radcliffe
Teenager of the Year - I Could Stay Here Forever

Episode #41 - The Golem - Investigated!
Dec 1, 2009
An exclusive listen to some of the tunes from the forthcoming The Golem album and limited edition box set. In addition, we chat with Eric Drew Feldman, Jason Carter and Ralph Carney about their roles on the album, AND a contest giveaway for the new Live in Nijmegen USB Clip!

The Golem - The Maharal
Eric Drew Feldman Interview
One More Road For The Hit - Constant Sorrow Man
Jason Carter Interview
Bluefinger - Lolita
The Golem - Meet Me at the Ghetto Gates
Ralph Carney Interview
Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project - Ralph and the Boys Go Nutz
The Golem - Miriam and Florian
Live in Nijmegen - Half Man

Episode #40 - 20 Years of Doolittle
Nov 2, 2009
We take a look at the 20th anniversary of the Pixies' Doolittle as the Doolittle tour arrives in North America. Our collection of alternate versions include covers, live tracks, demos and more.

Doolittle - Debaser
Live 16 December 2004 - Tame
Pixies at the BBC - Wave of Mutilation
Live at Newport DVD - I Bleed
Pixes, aka the Purple Tape - Here Comes Your Man
Live at the BBC - Dead
Frank Black Francis Disc 2 - Monkey Gone to Heaven
2002 Rolling Stone e-Music Session - Mr. Grieves
Live 25 January 1992 - Crackity Jones
13 April 2004 - La La Love You
Demo - No. 13 Baby
Hey A Pixies Tribute - There Goes My Gun by Asterid
Pixies DVD - Hey
Hey A Pixies Tribute - Silver by Mike DiSanto
24 August 2001 - Gouge Away by Frank Black and the Catholics

Episode #39 - Mark Mulcahy Tribute
Oct 1, 2009
After the sudden and unexpected loss of his wife, Mark Mulcahy was left alone to raise his two three-year old twins. To help him cope and continue to create music, some of his musical friends and fans, including Frank Black, have covered some of Mark's best work and put it together on a compilation CD. Our contribution is this lowly show playing some of his music and the songs from the tribute for your listening pleasure.

Pistolero - I Switched You
Me and Mr. Ray - Pull the Wagon (Miracle Legion)
Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete - Hey Sandy (Polaris)
Fathering - Bill Jocko (Mark Mulcahy)
Ciao My Shining Star - Bill Jocko
In Pursuit of Your Happiness - I Have Patience (Mark Mulcahy)
Ciao My Shining Star - The Backyard (Dinosaur Jr)
Christmass - Don't Get Me Wrong
Ciao My Shining Star - All For the Best (Thom Yorke)

Episode #38 - FB At The Movies
Sep 2, 2009
This episode we look at the use of Frank Black's music in modern cinema, the melding of two classic mediums from cinematographers with exquisite taste.

Grosse Point Blank - Monkey Gone To Heaven
500 Days of Summer - Here Comes Your Man
Powerpuff Girls - Pray for the Girls
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia - Bullet
Waiting for Hockney - Abstract Plain
Zack and Miri Make a Porno - Hey
United States of Leland - Manitoba
Unbreakable - I've Been Tired
Space Babes vs Aliens - My Name is Gary
Fight Club - Where Is My Mind

Episode #37 - Do the Duchy!
Aug 1, 2009
Brian and Dean take a look at Grand Duchy's various works even as the band tours the world for the first time. Including two songs form their first-ever gig in Salem, Oregon, a few songs we can't skip, and a couple non-album tracks, this is the best way to pay your dues to the Duchy.

04-29-09 Salem, OR - Come On Over To My House
Pistolero - So. Bay
Black Letter Days - Valentine and Garuda
Petit Fours - Seeing Stars
Grand Duchy (iTunes Bonus) - Beg
Threshold Apprehension Single - Get Away Oil
04-29-09 Salem, OR - Volcano!

Episode #36 - The FB-Negative Podcast
May 15, 2009
Spring is here in the northern hemisphere! Get out your skipping dopes, as Brian and Dean meander through the entire catalogue of Frank Black's music debating songs that are skip-worthy and insulting anything that moves you.

Cult of Ray - Punk Rock City
Frank Black and the Catholics - Back to Rome
Pistolero - I Love Your Brain
Black Letter Days - How You Went So Far
Honeycomb - Atom in my Heart
Fastman Raiderman - Down to You
Bluefinger - Test Pilot Blues
Seven Fingers - I Sent Away

Episode #35 - Dateless = Timeless?
Feb 22, 2009
The latest in our series of delayed, late, and unscripted folly comes to your door after almost four months of haggling over broadcast rights and other excuses. Luckily, we get this Grand Duchy themed podcast to you now, only moments before the release of the first single, Lovesick, and just after the European release. Featuring a quick glance at the new Black Francis-Violet Clark project with a track from the Lovesick EP and all the usual trimmings, be sure to check it out. Who knows when the next one will come?

Petit Fours - Lovesick
Seven Fingers - The Seus
Fastman Raiderman - It's Just Not Your Moment
Live, May 1, 1988 - Tony's Theme
Petit Fours - Ermisinde
Bluefinger - She Took All the Money
Lovesick Digital EP - Vapors

Episode #34 - Boolated Halloween
Nov 15, 2008
OK, so it didn't come out on Halloween like we intended. It isn't really Halloween-themed in any way. And it is titled Boolated Halloween anyway because we're like that - and we couldn't help but use our artwork and show off our costumes. However, it is probably our favourite podcast in a month, featuring an Album Investigation of Bossanova, a trip down memory lane with one of our favourite exclusives, and Brian's favourite-ever fan-submitted song.

Seven Fingers - When They Come to Murder Me
Catholics Demos - Selkie Bride
Honeycomb - Selkie Bride
Live at the Hotel Utah Saloon - Tight Black Rubber
Bossanova - Rock Music
Bossanova - Dig For Fire
You Ain't Me B-Sides - Big Red (Clootie)

Episode #33 x 2 = 66(6) A Tribute to Larry Norman
Oct 16, 2008
On this podcast, we pay tribute to Larry Norman, friend and influence of Frank Black Francis, and as part of that tribute, we are joined by
Charles Normal, brother of Mr. Norman and collaborator of Frank Black. We also discuss some juicy news, play some great songs, and hopefully give our listeners an introduction to the music of Larry Norman.

Six-Sixty-Six (Larry Norman)
Six-Sixty-Six (Frank Black montage)
iTunes Live EP, 2007 - Manitoba
The Seus CD Single - The Seus (Charles Normal Mix)
Frank Black and the Catholics - King and Queen of Siam
Alligator - Postcards From Heaven (Guards of Metropolis)
Watch What You're Doing (Larry Norman)
93-03 - Six-Sixty-Six (live in Regina)

Episode #32 - FB Could Travel Time
Oct 1, 2008
We would've been on time with our other podcasts but for many reasons they weren't. We're making it up to you with a complete recap on everything new in the Frank Black universe since last time. Also, some really great rare tracks, and debuting two new features and almost an hour of material.

Lyle - The News is Gonna Break
93-03 - The Swimmer (live)
Seven Fingers - Garbage Heap
Live 2002 - Monkey Gone to Heaven - Make it Stop
Show Me Your Tears - Goodbye Lorraine
Show Me Your Tears - The Snake
The Seus single - Serious Curious

Episode #31 - Back in the Saddle
Sep 15, 2008
OK, so this time we mean it. We're back. Really. Dean is in Canada, Brian is in New Jersey, and the podcast is here every two weeks taking in-depth looks at old favourites and playing tracks you've never heard before. This time, a few tracks from Der Golem. This time, some pretty great live tracks. This time, a new format. Yes, we thought we'd try a video podcast to kick off the REAL Season 3, and we've got a music video, and some pretty cool tidbits about songs that show as they're playing. Enjoy!

Live at the Arapaho - Two Spaces
Dog in the Sand - Llano Del Rio Salon - Odios Mio (39 Dead Monks)
Seven Fingers - Half Man
Live First Ave Minneapolis April 1,1996 - Brackish Boy/Dance War
Der Golem - Little Stars Theme
Der Golem - Bad News
Live at the Hotel Utah Saloon - Sir Rockaby
Rockabye Baby - Alec Eiffel

Episode #30 - The Fools Are Back
Apr 01, 2008
It's been almost a year, but the dynamic duo of Brian and Dean are back. For how long is anybody's guess, but join us as we struggle to get you up to date with all the latest happenings in the Frank Black Francis universe and dish out the usual goodies, banter, and banality. And, did I mention, dabble in the world of Enhanced Podcasts. Let us know what you think!

Paradiso, Amsterdam July 4, 2007 - Thallasocracy
Paradiso, Amsterdam July 4, 2007 - Old Black Dawning
The Seus single - The Seus (Charles Normal mix)
Bluefinger - Angels Come to Comfort You
Bluefinger Digital Bonus Track - Virginia Reel
Show Me Your Tears - New House of the Pope
Seven Fingers - Seven Fingers