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If It Takes All Night

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Guitar Tab:

Some call it the ribbon
Some say the white line
I say truckstop living
Well it suits me fine

Every day of the week (x2)

We heard some other fellers talking
I think it's going to be a good fight
Tonight the radio is rocking
I'm going to hear my favorite song

If it takes all night (x5)

I'm going to wash my favorite shirt
In downtown Marseilles
Itís got the same old dirt
From up in Calais, oh oh

How many days and weeks? (x2)

Now every job it is important
But still sometimes the money's right
I saw the ghost of Johnny Horton
He said we're going to make el paso

If it takes all night (x8)

I lost my favorite cook
He left little Siam
For many years I looked
He said here I am, oh oh

Every day of the week (x2)

Some got to go and see their mama
Some got to play a show tonight
I got to go and see my baby
When next I sleep I'll be with her

If it takes all night (x16)

Definitions and References:
Johnny Horton
"Although he is better-remembered for his historical songs, Johnny Horton was one of the best and most popular honky tonk singers of the late '50s. Horton managed to infuse honky tonk with an urgent rockabilly underpinning. His career may have been cut short by a fatal car crash in 1960, but his music reverberated throughout the next three decades."

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