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    All My Ghosts
    01  All My Ghosts
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All My Ghosts

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Guitar Tab:

If I could live to be several hundred
I could take a walk and really wander
Really wonder
All my ghosts on every sea in every land

Who needs that now? (x3)

Have you heard about the heavenly angels
How they came to earth and met some ladies
With whom they mated?
And their young became giants every one

Who needs that now? (x3)

I was driving across the valley floor
Going past a scene of gore
Something that had ended here
Then I stopped in at a porno store

And I found among the pictures there
A vision that was very fair
Just a moment from yesteryear
All I could do was stare

I had a date for the eleventh hour
And we took a tour of The Seven Horrors
Plus just one more
Hank the Eighth was a duplicated man

Who needs that now? (x3)

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