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End Of Miles

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Guitar Tab:

At the end of miles
You stare out at the ocean
Mountains at your back you think you've tamed

At the end of miles you hope
You’ll soon be back in motion
But you're never going back from where you came

A little peace at last
Yes I thought that I would stay just for a while
Now a shadow cast
Is all what's left of this wanderer's profile

But still I have survived
And I know I have arrived
Here at the end of miles

I lost it all back east
I sold my El Dorado
A stranger helped when I was thirstiest

For some the end of miles
Is Denver Colorado
But something always kept me moving west

I'm lately out of reach
In towns along the California shore
I'm leathery and bleached
I'm lost and I am lonesome to the core

I've got nowhere left to go
But I'm satisfied to know
There’ll be miles never more

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