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Pan American Highway

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I finally got my turn down at St. Elizabeth's
The moment I left my heart started to yearn
She said let's get going and we boarded a train
And rode out of that rain
On the long way home

In Nebraska's panhandle we shouted and we cried
The unidentified left our brains in a scramble
To the sea and the foam of St. Fran' we did run
Into the setting sun
On the long way home

I woke in the canyons above the lagoons
A trumpeted tune echoed there was my fun (?)
Though I was still not grown I knew it was almost time
To find another pastime
On the long way home

So I packed up my gun and I got on the plane
A million roads far below me like veins
One capillary led to a drummer I know
He played the cocktail lounge
On the long way home

We're going back to New England 'cause we're living on the run
Now we're going to California to make us some mon'
Maybe one day we'll make Omaha home
But for now the Great Plains forever we'll roam

Well for thirty-five years Išve been makin' the trip
Sometimes I go slow and sometimes I go quick
Now mostly I'm straight but there's times I was stoned
A' burnin' that joint
On the long way home

There's times I go East and there's time I go West
I don't know which is best; I can never be pleased
Someday Išll go down the Pan American Highway
It was a promise we made to go all the way South

Don't cry, someday we'll be leaving
Don't cry, tomorrow we're leaving
We'll drive on the Pan American Highway
Long ride all the way to Argentina
So far from home

Produced by Eric Drew Feldman
Recorded by Kevin Ink
Performed by Frank Black (vocal, guitar), Scott Boutier (drums), Eric Drew Feldman (organ), Rich Gilbert (pedal steel guitar, vocals), David McCafferty (bass, vocals)

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