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Pray For The Girls

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Guitar Tab:

Last night I had the strangest dream
Saw everybody running in the streets
Leapfrogging salmon trying to get upstream
The dream was over but I could not sleep
I had to put on the lights when she said that

Last night I had the strangest dream
The sky was dark and I could not see
Felt underwater when I tried to scream
When I heard the rooster I was finally free
I was a little bit frightened when he said that

Last night I had the strangest dream
Me and the chickens running in the streets
We met a monkey with an eye that gleamed
He drew that line we couldn't move our beaks
A doggie woke me and he said hey rooster

Last night I had the strangest dream
The war was over but I had no peace
The moon was waning so it wasn't the beams
It's just a dream but I have no peace
I eavesdropped on my masters they said that

Last night we had the strangest dream
It was disturbing, oh what does it mean?
Monkey in a turban, oh what does it mean?
Last night we had the strangest dream
We better go to the mayor then we drove
Downtown to have a talk with the mayor
He told my masters uh, oh, can't you see?
What we have here is a prophecy
Cross your fingers people say a prayer
I'm not a religious dog but I say that

Better pray for the girls
Better pray for the girls
Ain't no other hope in this whole world

In sleep we searched behind the sun
A funny place to find someone
We did not find them on the moon
We dreamed that's where they disappeared
We dreamed perhaps another pearl
Or dangling on some other dune
But darker dreams we fear
Where'd you go this time, girls?

Better pray for the girls
Better pray for the girls
Ain't no other hope in this whole world

Originally released on Heroes and Villains: Music Inspired by the Powerpuff Girls Soundtrack.

Performed by Frank Black(guitar, vocals), Scott Boutier (drums), Rich Gilbert (guitar), David McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals), Dave Philips (guitar)

Craig McCracken (creator of "Powerpuff Girls") on having Frank Black contribute to the "Powerpuff Girls Movie" soundtrack:

Well first off Frank was on the TOP of my list WAY ahead of everyone else I wanted for the album, so I was totally blown away when he said yes.
Basically it was pretty simple, I got his phone number, and after nervously pacing around for awhile (I mean you can understand, I'd been a huge fan of this guy for over 10 years and here I am about to call him at home). So I get up the courage and call him.

He answers, we talk about the show and said he was familiar with it but he would set his Tivo to record it anyway. And basically I said the song was to be from the perspective of the citizens of Townsville and the theme was "The City in Danger." I also said I wanted something with a lot of energy and I asked him to think "Bad Wicked World."

He took some notes, we talked about Tivo and how it was currently recording Kids in the Hall. He put me on the guest list for that night’s show. I thanked him for his music and what a creative inspiration he was to me. And that was pretty much it. All in all he was a really cool and friendly guy.

A few weeks later Frank calls me and tells me they just finished the track and they were all really happy with it and that I'd be getting a tape in a few days.

Couple of days later I get the tape of "Pray for the Girls" and it just so happened it was my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better present, a song by my musical hero about my own show.
how cool is that?

Definitions and References:
"Monkey in a turban"
Mojo JoJo, one of the major villains on the Powerpuff Girls

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