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Guitar Tab:

There goes Nadine
Head to toe in black
There goes Nadine
Head to toe in black
When I see Nadine
I want that

Will she let me in
Underneath here clothes?
Will she let me in
Underneath her clothes?
That girl got skin
Like a ghost

Oh I think that witchy lady
Been cooking up some spells
‘Cause when she walks on by
You know I love
The way she smells

She has a big gray car
She could take me for a ride
She has a big gray car
She could take me for a ride
Maybe we’ll park
And I’ll drive

There goes Nadine (x5)

"This is all taking place right around here, this song.
- Frank Black, on stage in Cambridge, MA, May 29, 2003

"Maybe NADINE is a sexual celebration, but man, I get so sad when I think about her, way back when, ah fuck, whatever happened to me and her?"
- Show Me Your Tears press release

"Take ´Nadine´ for example – that's a character, but the song is more about me and my interaction with this Nadine and her influence on me. I've always done it like that, though."
- Translated from German Frank Black interview

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