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      01  (Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar
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       03  I Burn Today
       04  Cactus
       05  Nadine
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       07  Sing For Joy
       08  Dead Man's Curve
       09  California Bound
       10  Ed Is Dead
       11  My Life Is In Storage
       12  Two Reelers
       13  Whiskey In Your Shoes
(Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar

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Recording Notes on the Christmass version:

Guitar - Martin -> Countryman DI -> Universal Audio 2-610 tube preamp.

Vocals - Neumann U87ai (with a Stedman metal pop filter) -> Groove Tubes Vipre Tube Preamp -> DBX 160SL compressor -> Digidesign 192 A/D converter (96k/24-bit)

Recorded by Myles Mangino in Santa Cruz, CA at the Hotel Santa Cruz. Bass - Jeff Ladd, Lead Guitar - Rob Laufer. Bass recorded at Planet of Sound, Hartford, CT; Assistant Engineer - Chris Henderson.

On the Christmass version:

"This song was recorded in a hotel room in Santa Cruz CA. It was this beautiful place right on the beach. We had a room that overlooked the ocean - so it was the perfect vibe for recording. The song is about an Indian Guru that Charles read about. He apparently was also a gangster and got gunned down last year. True story. Rob, a friend of Charles (don't know his last name) was also playing in Santa Cruz that night and came by the hotel and recorded these amazing acoustic guitar solos on top of Charles rhythm tracks. When I got back to the Planet of Sound Recording Studio I added a bass track - played by Jeff Ladd. One of the Planet of Sound session Players." - Myles Mangino, Producer/Engineer, on the forums.

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