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"The problem with her and I is that, you know the song Pretty Woman, I prefer the Roy Orbison version - the original version - and she prefers the Van Halen version, and this has been the source of our pain."
(Frank Black on his divorce - Interview on BBC 6 Music)




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Joey Santiago
- bonus Catholic on guitar!

Once a Pixie, Joey Santiago has most recently appeared with his buddy Black Francis on the Frank Black and the Catholics releases "Devil's Workshop" and "Dog and the Sand". A welcome return for fans, his work is always much appreciated. He has also appeared on "Frank Black" (self-titled), and "Teenager of the Year".

As taken from the website here is a bit of life info on Joey:

He was born in Manila, Philippines and when 7 moved with his family to Yonkers, NY. He ended up spending most of his time growing up in Massachusetts, where he went to U-Mass Amherst. Of course this is where he met Charles Thompson, and later dropped out and formed the Pixies with Charles "somewhere in Boston", as the story is told. The rest of course is brilliant musical history.

Joey is currently involved with his band The Martinis, which includes his wife Linda Mallari. In addition to this work, he also composes music for film and television. His work is featured on FOX's "Undeclared". Other work has been featured in the movie "Crime and Punishment In Suburbia", and also on its soundtrack.

NOTE: This bio was written by Zanni, and is now being redone from scratch. Check back in a few weeks for lots of new stuff.

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