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"It's like, 'Welcome everybody, to the night club. Let me sing you a song about the Devil.'"
(Frank Black on Black Rider - Interview with Geocites)




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Scott Boutier, courtesy of Vater Percussion

Scott Boutier: The Foam Metronome

Drums, Tour Manager

Often known to adorn the stage in various headgear from rock ‘n’ roll wigs to outrageously large foam cowboy hats, Scott has been keeping the beat for Frank Black since Frank started the Cult of Ray and was swiftly baptized in Catholic tradition following various rites of passage of which little is known.

Scotty, as he is affectionately called from time to time by fellow band members, is on-stage much the same as off. He is not forefront on stage, but rather sits at the back behind his kit and out of the limelight. Off stage, his personal life is also somewhat of a mystery. Where did he come from? How old is he? Is Scotty B. even his real name? We may never know.

In fact, little is known of Scott aside from his music career. We suspect that his real name is, in fact, Scott Boutier, he is in his mid-30’s, and a product of Providence, Rhode Island. Perhaps he even grew up with Dave McCaffrey – the two have been virtually inseparable in what little history we have. They played for a time in Rhode Island band What Now, a band with a kind of “Hüsker Dü background” according to Miracle Legion frontman Mark Mulcachy.

The move to Miracle Legion was made in 1990 by both Scott and Dave, and Scott “Spot” Boutier is credited as drummer on their 1992 record Drenched. Miracle Legion began working on their next album, Portrait of a Damaged Family but serious label problems delayed the album and eventually spelled the demise of Miracle Legion. However, Portrait was eventually released on Mulcachy’s own label, Mezzotint, in 1999.

Scott moved to Chicago to do some off-broadway work but was no sooner gone to Chicago then called back in 1993 to work with Mulcachy on a new project: a house band for “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” on Nickelodeon. The first season, he and Mulcachy worked alone, but they were joined by fellow Catholic-to-be David McCaffrey in Polaris under the guise of Harriss Polaris in the second year. You can view a clip from the show on the Mezzotint website. The show lasted three seasons, and the music from the show was popular enough to warrant a CD release, Music From the Adventures of Pete and Pete, which was also released in 1999.

A year later, 1994, and Frank Black had already met and jammed with Scott & Dave on several occasions. Frank was asked on to “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, and asked Scott & Dave to join him. They have been with him ever since.

If you’ve noticed an insider named Harris occasionally stopping in on the forum to give us the scoop on tour dates and various other insider-flavoured tidbits, you’ve been met by none other than Mr. Boutier. We’re pleased to have him as a member of our site contributing facts and helping sort rumour from reality.

These days, Scott is living in Los Angeles, California with his wife and child, born in the fall of 2003, and is without a doubt enjoying the chance to spend some time with the new addition while Frank Black is touring with the Pixies.

- Dean Katsiris

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