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Everything Is New

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Guitar Tab:

Everything is new
When the sky is blue
You got everything to do

Chesney quit the army and he start a band
He used to play that club down at Hermosa Strand
I think they're changing the name again
Down in Holland where the windows are big
They paint the buildings bright
Because they figured the rain is coming who knows when?

Everything is new
When the sky is blue
You got everything to do [x2]

Hiram said to John have you met my wife?
Someday she'll be yours when I lose my life
He lost it after playing the old Skyline
Seven years later after that same gig
John took the wheel, but when he got to the bridge
Billy Jean was alone for the second time

Everything is new
When the sky is blue
You got everything to do [x4]

Definitions and References:
Chesney [first verse]
Chesney "Chet" Baker born 1929, famous West coast Jazz musician who started playing trumpet aged twelve after giving up trombone. He played throughout school and college, and when drafted into the army in 1946 he joined the army band in Berlin. In 1953 he formed the Chet Baker Quartet and achieved great success in the fifties before becoming addicted to heroin. Chet baker died on May 13 1998 falling out of a second story window from his hotel room in Amsterdam.

Club Down at Hermosa Strand
The lighthouse club located at 30 Pier ave, Hermosa Beach CA. This Jazz club opened in the 1940's and gained popularity when Howard Rumsey convinced the then owner to let him play and "Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars" brought Jazz to Hermosa beach. The Lighthouse club was a well known venue for Jazz musicians. The Lighthouse Cafe as it is now known still features live music, but from a broader spectrum.

Hiram, John, Billy Jean [entire second verse]
Hiram Williams, better known as Hank Williams, is considered the father of contemporary country music. He met 19-year old Billie Jean Jones in the fall of 1952 and the couple married that October. John, or Johnny Horton, another early country star, met Hank Williams in 1952 when Williams rejoined the Lousiana Hayride, a weekly live radio show broadcasting out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Williams became a sort of mentor for Horton. Hank Williams died on January 1, 1953 in the back of Cadillac on his way to a concert. After his death, Horton became close to Williams' widow, and in September 1953, Billie Jean and Johnny Horton married. On November 4, 1960, Horton was involved in an auto accident and died on his way to the hospital, suffering an almost similar and just as tragic death as Williams.

The Skyline Club of Austin, TX, which opened in 1948. Through a strange twist of events, the Skyline became the location for the final concerts of both Hank Williams and Johnny Horton. On January 1, 1953, Williams died in his sleep in the back of a car while being transported between gigs. Horton died when his car was struck by a drunk driver after his gig at the Skyline on November 4, 1960.

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