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Goodbye Lorraine

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Guitar Tab:

I met her in the mountains
Though I lived down by the sea
But now it seems these mountains
Are just way too high for me

Goodbye Lorraine
Goodbye Lorraine
Let me explain

She said weíll be witches
Then there must be nakedness
I said you have no heart until
That aching fills your chest

Goodbye Lorraine
Goodbye Lorraine
Let me explain

Just why Iím leaving
I donít know what for
But I canít explain it anymore

We help hands in the temple
But we had no wedding day
Now she sends me perfumed letters
And I throw them all away

A friend showed me a picture
From the 1970's
Now I'm wondering where you are tonight
And I'm singing woe is me

Goodbye Lorraine
Goodbye Lorraine
Let me explain

Just why I'm leaving
I don't know what for
But I can't explain it anymore

Definitions and References:
The Witches of Lorraine
The witches of Lorraine were said to be fine and crafty, careful not to quarrel with people or threaten them. Effusive compliments were signs of suspected witchcraft in Lorraine, and suppressed anger could be ominous.

The geography of Lorraine
The Lorraine region in France consists of three different areas
- The Hill country (Pays des CŰtes) located at the edge of the Paris basin to the west includes The Barrois, Meuse and Moselle hills.
- The Lorrainian Plateau ( Plateau Lorrain) to the east is an undunlating and wooded lowland.
- The Vosges uplands (Massif Vosgien), are heavily eroded hercynian mountains.

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